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Mod infoUnlimited Pearls/Money/Resources
UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperCreative Mobile
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ZooCraft is a zoo-building game that introduces players to a series of familiar and adorable animals; not only that, but players will develop and create their zoo, helping these animals to have a fun place to live and play. This place can gather almost all animals, even rare animals. This game will open a whole new world for players to experience and enjoy their relaxing moments with their pets in the garden designed by themselves.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamond

Description of ZooCraft

When you join ZooCraft, you will experience a whole new world with animals from all over the world, and your mission is to take care of and help these animals, including all of them. Even animals familiar to you like dogs and cats or even rare ones like pandas and leopards. They will all live together in an environment that you build and design specifically for them. Besides, you have the opportunity to participate in fascinating adventures and rescue poor animals, so join ZooCraft to bring a bright world and many exciting things waiting for you.
The special thing that ZooCraft brings is that players will have the opportunity to become scientists and discover many new species through performing experiments. In addition, use your abilities to develop the zoo and help them grow and expand; you can also design according to your preferences and style in building a particular zoo. This can attract many tourists to visit and experience, and create many surprises for them.

Gameplay and Attractive features

Build an interesting Zoo

Coming to ZooCraft: Animal Family, you will be taking care of animals that are not simply pets like you usually see, like dogs and cats, but also wild animals. All these animals require shelter and look after, and you need to build a place for them to live. In addition, players will have exciting experiences and understand more about these wild animals.
In addition, when participating in ZooCraft: Animal Family, you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true to create a dream garden dedicated to all species living together. Players can design and decorate the garden according to their preferences that are still suitable for all species to live. Moreover, the more attractive and exciting your zoo will be, the more visitors it will attract, helping you make a strong impression on visitors. At the same time, you can combine and arrange some more shops such as souvenir shops or ice-cream stalls to serve visitors, and this will help visitors enjoy during the visit, and you can buy it for your friends and relatives.


Pet Collecting Journey

When participating in ZooCraft: Animal Family, you will come to a small and growing city, where you will build a zoo that you manage and take care of many different animals. In particular, you will be transformed into this lovely girl to find pets everywhere, such as cats, dogs, lions, tigers, giraffes, birds, turkeys, monkeys, etc., then bring them back to their garden to take care of them. In addition, players will build suitable habitats for these species and perform daily tasks such as feeding, bathing, trimming, and cleaning their habitat.


Welcome guests to the zoo

Coming to ZooCraft: Animal Family, you will feel like building a real zoo through a very realistic simulation. When participating in the game, your task is to take care of your visitors and take care of the zoo carefully, and you can also open more shops such as selling cakes and selling toys to serve and satisfy visitors' needs.  Especially when customers have problems like getting lost, you will help them find their way, and you will also receive valuable rewards when you see them.
In addition, you have to visit the zoos of other players, helping you learn more new things by watering the Shell of Friendship. This way, you will be able to generate a variety of coins in the form of pearls in this game; you will even claim these same things with your garden.


Discover New Species

To increase the diversity of your zoo, you can carry out studies that combine two different genes to breed them into a new species, which allows you to create rare and unique animals in the wild in your laboratory. And you have the chance to rescue mysterious animals as you explore the islands with a veterinarian. A garden with a variety of animals will attract many visitors.

Exciting Activities

Besides, the game will always give you many different tasks to increase your excitement when participating in many attractive events. There will be opportunities to receive many items to decorate your garden and other valuable rewards. In addition, there will be many new things for you to discover and experience, confident that they will help you relax and not make you feel bored.


Game quality


ZooCraft: Animal Family is built on a 3D graphics platform with meticulous attention to detail, realistic images, making the game lively, diverse, and bright colours have a harmonious combination that makes the game come to life. The game becomes strangely attractive. Therefore, the game will create a feeling of excitement and relaxation for participants.


The sound in the gameplay is gentle, mellow with soft music that brings a sense of relaxation to the player. When entertaining in this game version, players are lost in a real-life version of the zoo.
All of the above factors have created the attraction for ZooCraft: Animal Family and attracted many players to participate. In addition, players will completely immerse themselves in designing the gardens of their dreams by building according to their preferences while taking care of highly adorable animals, and you can even turn it into a garden—an excellent place for guests to visit and experience.
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