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UpdatedOct 18, 2021 (1 day ago)
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As well as popular music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube is available via social video networks. However, YouTube isn't designed for music listening, primarily when you use the mobile app. The limitations of your in-app experience can bother your users, preventing them from thoroughly enjoying the music they are listening to. 


Due to this, Google has released their dedicated streaming music app, YouTube Music, where you can listen to your favorite pieces of music on YouTube without any problems. You can enjoy the handy features of the dedicated app that will provide you with the best possible experience.


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MOD Info

  • An audition works in the background
  • No advertisement
  • Working mode "Audio Only"
  • Ability to choose the audio quality
  • Is connected from Google services (non-root)


Installation instructions

  • Install microG to Login Google
  • Install YTM of your architecture unofficial
  • Log in to your account.
  • Use ExpressVPN and connect to the US or any region support Youtube Music to use (https://support.google.com/youtubemusic/answer/6313540)


What does it do?

Through YouTube Music, Android users will be able to truly enjoy their favorite pieces of music, courtesy of Google's official support. It's an app that lets you view music videos on YouTube when your screen is off or on. YouTube Music now enables you to turn off your phone while listening to music. 


Additionally, the app provides access to the enormous library of music on YouTube, allowing you to browse your favorite songs at any time. Check out our extensive catalog of official albums, new releases, trending YouTube songs, live performances, remixes, or covered songs.


With this impressive mobile app, you can enjoy personalized music experiences and its exciting features. Play songs that are curated to your tastes and enjoy them in the best quality possible.





YouTube Music can be downloaded and installed for free from Google Play Store for those interested; no payment is required. You can continue to enjoy YouTube's free services and make use of its added features for easier access to music. However, since the app contains ads and in-app subscriptions, you'll have to pay with real money to unlock the whole experience. 


You'll also need to grant specific access permissions to the app on your handheld device to ensure it can function correctly. This will enable a fully functional version of YouTube Music on your mobile device. When you first enter the app, make sure you accept its requests. It's also important that your devices run the latest firmware version possible so that they're compatible with the latest app version.


Amazing features

This app has lots of exciting features:


Music libraries you can discover endlessly

If you are interested, YouTube Music offers an extensive music library with every song available to hear. You won't find anything like this music collection anywhere else. YouTube Music offers a wide range of songs and covers, from official pieces by well-known artists to interesting songs and covers from unknown YouTubers.




Listen to high-quality and officially licensed music

In YouTube Music, Android users can also stream high-quality music that the respective artist and company have licensed. You won't have to worry about working with unofficial content or music that doesn't support your favorite artists. Additionally, each song is selected at the highest quality for a fluid streaming experience. This way, you can enjoy rich and clear music all the time, which will impress audiophiles.


Your favorite songs are just a click away

The effective browsing options on YouTube Music also assist users in navigating through the endless library of songs. You can sort your music by many different dimensions to find the pieces you want.


The various categories will help you narrow the options to meet your preferences, including albums, singles, live performances, covers, remixes, and many others. You can also search for song and artist names, company names, and other keywords.


Simply look up the lyrics online while listening to your favorite songs when you want to sing along. Let music express your feelings and take pleasure in high-quality pieces.


Your playlist is at your fingertips

Those who want to keep their favorite songs in specific collections can also work with YouTube Music's playlist features, allowing Android users to improve their music experience comfortably. By liking or disliking certain pieces, you can unlock your respective playlists or create other personalized playlists.


Discover music pieces with AI features 

YouTube Music also offers user-friendly music recommendations and discoverable songs for Android users. The app analyzes your listening patterns and recommends music based on your preferences, locations, time of day, and other factors with intelligent AI learning features. Thus, you can enjoy a song at the appropriate time, according to your preferences.


Additionally, the Hot List feature will allow Android users to check on the most trending songs constantly. You will discover pieces with the Discover Mix, which will provide you with a personalized playlist. As a result, users can always listen to their songs whenever they want. You can always find new and well-curated songs with the refreshed lists every Wednesday.




Take part in music community discussions on YouTube

Furthermore, Android users can also interact freely with the music app's online social network from YouTube. Take a moment to share your music tastes and enjoy the experiences. Moreover, you can always discuss music with others and share your interest in it, making certain songs more enjoyable to listen to.


Discover more features with Music Premium

Users of YouTube Music on Android can upgrade to Music Premium to experience many new and valuable features. Keep your music experience distraction-free by listening to ad-free tracks, so you do not have to interact with annoying ads. YouTube Music's offline mixtape feature allows users to download their favorite songs and enjoy them anywhere, anytime. Moreover, YouTube Music won't stop playing a song when you switch off your device's screen, which will ensure that you'll have the most reliable music experience on YouTube.




Check out our website for the completely unlocked app

We now offer an unlocked version of YouTube Music on our website for users interested in the app and its features. Here you will find all the ads removed and several features unlocked that would be useful to you. There will be no charge for any of these. It only takes a few minutes to download the YouTube Music Mod APK; follow the provided instructions, and you can begin using it.


Final verdicts

YouTube Music enables Android users to access a massive music library and stream their favorite songs whenever they want. Watch MVs and live shows for free, listen to covers and remixes, or watch MVs and live performances. You are sure to be impressed by the well-curated and personalized experiences we have to offer. You have even more reasons to start enjoying YouTube Music on our website due to the free and unlocked application.

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