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Inactive Bots/Unlimited Bullets

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
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Pick up your extraordinary journey in War Robots as you dive into this enormous robot shooter title from the future. As you complete incredible challenges and take down your opponents, you'll grow into the competent soldier you were born to be.


In this immersive shooter game, join millions of online gamers from all around the world. Discover the astonishing powers of your strong robot armor when you get inside it. Bring your favorite robot into battle and give them incredible improvements so you may unleash devastating strikes on them.


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MOD Info

  • Unlimited bullet
  • Dumb enemy (only works up to level 8)
  • Bypass checking at the beginning of the game by the following way
  1. Download games from Play Store
  2. After the download is a few %, cancel the download
  3. Install APK and enjoy


What is this game about?

In War Robots, players will take on the role of a talented military commander who desires to participate in the world's largest robot wars, which attract top commanders from all around the world. Choose your favorite robots, each with its unique abilities and powers. Choose the best one to go into battle with. Give it significant enhancements so that you can acquire an advantage over the competition.


The ultimate goal of each combat is for you and your colleagues to secure and guard the vital beacons against enemy attacks. Gamers will have access to team battles, which can accommodate up to six players per team. As a result, it's critical that you thoroughly investigate the tactical factors and make the appropriate decisions to win the game.





Here you'll discover a list of all the game's fascinating features:


Different robots with unique abilities

As soon as the game starts, War Robots players will have access to a massive robot collection that includes more than 50 of the world's most capable fighting machines. With their unique talents and abilities, you'll have no trouble identifying your favorites and altering your game strategy. As you learn to make it big in War Robots, you'll get to experience varied fighting styles with various robots and perfect a suitable technique for yourself.




A wide range of different commanders

In addition, the game includes many different commanders, each of whom is classified into one of several classes. As a result, you can select an appropriate commander to place inside your gigantic fighting vehicles and lead them into battle.


Take advantage of the commanders' and robots' complementary abilities to develop the most incredible combinations for your own.


You can also improve your commander to obtain more excellent stats and more powerful abilities, increasing their power.


Gameplay that's rich in features

Unlike most mobile shooter games, players in War Robots will have access to many gaming options. With so many different approaches and tactics to choose from, gamers may find their path to victory. You can explore unique battle forms in War Robot, from taking on adversaries head-on or delivering unexpected assaults to setting traps and luring them into your traps.


Customize your robots as you see fit

Gamers in War Robots will have access to the game's excellent customization options. In addition to the unique talents of various robots, you can also give them multiple weapons to enhance their powers and capabilities even further during battles. Equip your favorite robots with a variety of incredible abilities found in the game.




Playable mechanics and intuitive controls

If you're used to traditional FPS games, the fights in War Robots will feel familiar because there aren't many changes. In the early levels, though, gamers will find the game to be quite approachable and engaging.


However, this does not imply that the game is simple. Remember, you're up against some of the top commanders in the world. Either you give it your all, or you're not going to be able to win the game.


Play online with online players from all over the world

Because it's a first-person shooter, many of you will like the online gameplay. That being said, you'll get access to addictive multiplayer action with the top online gamers from around the world in War Robots.


Begin by joining one of the powerful clans or forming your own with your buddies. You'll have a blast taking them through endless trials and climbing the leaderboards in any case.




Experience the game alone by going solo

If you prefer solo challenges, the Arena or Free-for-All games will provide you with a whole new experience. Find out who the best War Robots commanders are and challenge them. Gain an advantage over others and strive to be the best. Earn a position in the hall of fame by completing epic ranking battles. Ascend the ranks from Newbie to Champion.


Every update introduces new features

War Robots is compelled to provide frequent and high-quality updates because it is a new game with a rapidly developing audience. As a result, each time you receive a recent update, you'll be in for a lot of pleasant surprises. So keep an eye out for this; it'll happen before you realize it.




It's completely free to play

Despite all the game's fantastic features, it is now available for free to all Android gamers. Therefore, you can easily have it loaded on your mobile devices by downloading the game for free from the Google Play Store.


Graphics and audio quality



Gamers in War Robots will enjoy console-quality gaming on their mobile devices, thanks to beautiful 3D graphics. If you want to unlock more appealing graphics effects, you may always experiment with the customizable graphics setting. You are free to play this fantastic shooter game on your outdated phones.



War Robots transport players to actual combat with powerful and immersive audio experiences. Surround yourself with massive explosions, frantic conversations, and more. Most significantly, if you enjoy playing in groups, the voice chat will come in handy.


Enjoy extra advantages with our War Robots MOD APK

And if you'd want to gain a few advantages before going into a fight, we've got just the thing for you. As a result, gamers will access some essential hacks with our War Robots Mod APK, allowing them to move through the stages fast. For example, the Inactive Bots that we recently implemented will make the struggle easier because the bots' capabilities will be reduced.


Final thoughts

Discover new and exciting shooting methods in this futuristic setting where you'll be fighting enormous robots instead of people in War Robots. Gamers will have access to numerous facets of the fights thanks to the variety of techniques available. Discover your methods for surviving and rising above the ravages of war.


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