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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
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The world is going through a terrible period, and everyone is afraid to relocate because they are concerned about their own and their families safety. Applications with the motto "providing joy" will become a temporary, enjoyable, and effective solution at this time. They rapidly become popular on social media. We have also seen the rapid development of a comical image-making program, FaceApp, that changes you into an older person or back to a youngster before these social distancing conditions. Now there's Voilà AI Artist, which turns your shot into a Pixar-style animation.


Voilà AI Artist has recently become one of the most popular trends among users. Your face now looks like it's stepped out of a classic Walt Disney cartoon, thanks to this app. A boy's photo will become a prince, a girl's photo will become a princess, and a child's photo will become a charming, innocent doll. Of course, they're only imaginary visuals with no deeper meaning. But they'll be a lot of fun.


Isn't it true that these simple yet delightful things are just what we need right now? Importantly, these "fun" are completely free, and they even preserve your health during the current severe quarantines.


Our comprehensive evaluations will tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic smartphone app.




MOD Info

  • Pro Features Unlocked


What does it do?

Voilà AI Artist is one of the first applications to offer cartoon-making capabilities. This tiny, low-resource app uses deep-learning AI to capture, process, and turn your portrait images into cartoon-style paintings, similar to those seen in classic Walt Disney cartoons. You can even watch yourself morph into a tremendous 18th-century figure or a humorous caricature-like Mr. Bean if you wish.


Voilà AI Artist is straightforward to use, even more so than any of the picture editing apps you've ever downloaded to your phone. Voilà AI Artist comes with four filters for various visual effects.

  • Make a 2D cartoon out of a photo
  • A filter as in the fashion of an 18th-century photograph
  • Make caricatures via AI.
  • Create 3D cartoon images, which is now the most popular filter set.


After starting the app, you may either upload an existing photo from your phone or snap one directly from the app, then choose a filter. There are three more sub-modes to employ when a filter is selected. For example, three sub-moods are available when using the 3D cartoon feature: Royal 3D, Baby 3D, and Cartoon 3D. You can also choose four more characteristics in each minor mode: eyes, lips, hair, color, and contrast.


After converting, we can publish our new amusing photos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others right away. Alternatively, you can save it to your phone and view it later.


The time it takes to apply the filter on Voilà AI Artist inaccessible mode is relatively long (of course, the speed will be faster if you pay for it). There are also numerous advertisements and a watermark on the image.





Voilà AI Artist is now accessible for free on the Google Play Store for anyone interested. Because of the app's advertisements and in-app purchases, users will have to spend real money to access the premium features.


Additionally, users of Voilà AI Artist, like many other apps, must allow special access permissions to enjoy the app's full functionality. As a result, when you initially start the app, don't forget to approve its request.


To ensure that the app is fully compatible, Android users must update their devices to the most recent firmware versions, ideally Android 5.0 and above.


Awesome features

This app has many exciting features:


Swift interaction with a simple interface 

Voilà AI Artist is a photo-based application that modifies faces. Thus its user interface is primary and allows users to engage with all capabilities without difficulty. Users will be able to change the entire content on its home page, and they will be able to import new content from a variety of sources. 


Furthermore, the functions are well-organized and ordered, allowing consumers to browse quickly on their first use. Users can personalize and customize the interface with numerous themes, tones, design layouts, and essential features. Additionally, its overview interface is versatile and prominent, allowing users to interact and uncover its wonders.




Multiple magical options to select 

The application's primary goal is to make people more attractive and attractive, although it does it in various styles and concepts. Users will be given various alternatives to get started with the program, including creatively or magically digitizing themselves. Simple ideas such as art from the 1980s, retro, pixel, cartoon, and so on can be used by users. The category list will display any style or theme, and users can change or access its sub-contents. Users will find new information regularly, allowing them to become more beautiful or remarkable with specific styles.


Superb AI editing for perfect precision 

Voilà AI Artist offers a wide range of settings, but the most striking feature is automating all procedures. The user's preference is immediately incorporated into the results, and the application can generate user simulations in various styles in real-time. It will also integrate with a professional toolset, and practically all material will be AI-powered, allowing users to edit with precision.


The creative part of the application is also elevated to a new level when many vital mechanisms, such as colors and brushes, undergo substantial modifications depending on the style that the user selects at the outset. The best part is that users may entirely personalize them to their tastes and styles.


Easy photo editor for a quick touch

The editing suite's functions and tools are entirely automated and content-compatible, making photo editing more manageable and more convenient than ever. If the user is still unhappy with the application's results, it will offer a rudimentary editor to adjust a few details. Not only that, but users can save all changes and create several layers, making editing faster and more fluid than manual editing.




Draw yourself in aesthetic styles

Users can make their copy based on the available models if they do not want Voilà AI Artist to create unique images from the available possibilities. More impressive is that the software will guide users through the drawing process, including providing basic guidelines for performing professional and accurate drawings. 


Users can also use the AI system to select creative and remarkable templates or designs. It will automatically sketch the user based on several automatic options, leaving them with the last steps in the drawing, which will vary depending on the chosen style. Of course, users can use any color or brush option to be creative and create a perfect clone of themselves.


All it is personalization or customizable

When utilizing this program, each user has their preferences; therefore, adding extra features or materials to personalize or adjust things is a good idea. As a result, the program will automatically adapt and adjust its behavior, providing users with a wealth of new content through personalization. Its abrupt change will result in numerous noticeable changes in the application's experience, including the entire animate or editing system and other features.


Voilà AI Artist is an artistic tool that provides users with various possibilities or discoveries when it comes to building a new self-using a variety of art styles. Furthermore, it can transport users from the 15th century to the present day through drawings, which they can alter using AI-powered tools. These elements will continue to surprise consumers and provide them with a wealth of unique content to love and enjoy.


Check out the website's modified version of the app

You may now try out the free and unlocked version of Voilà AI Artist on our website. We provide an ad-free and unlocked version of this software so that you can take advantage of all of its features without any difficulty. It's as simple as downloading and installing the Voilà AI Artist Mod APK from the website.


Final verdicts

In short, Voilà AI Artist's functionality and short-term amusement leave nothing to be desired. Many photos made with this software may be seen on Facebook and Instagram. They're either adorable and fabulous (if you use the cartoon filter) or hilarious (if you don't) (if you use the caricature filter). And they're just photos that make the owner and others on social media happy.


However, you should pay close attention to what I said above to avoid any risks when using the software. Let's get it and take some entertaining photos of your life!


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