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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperLast Day of Work
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If you are a lover of Casual and Simulation games that have content about building a life in a fantastic virtual world, then the game "Virtual Families 3" is for you. This is a game released by Last Day of Work, and the game is a highly unique and novel story about building a small family, a happy life in the world created by yourself. If you love a unique lifestyle for your family, you can easily do this in Virtual Families 3. Starting a family seems so far away, and you still can't do it right now. With that, you will be the owner of a house and your beloved family with this game. Start taking care of your family, work, and take care of your kids, all living happily together.

The story of life in Virtual Families 3

Surely Virtual Families 3 will satisfy fans of simulation games because it brings a very new and unique colour; you will experience life and take care of your own family in a significant way. Everything is taken care of authenticity by emotional experiences from anxiety to joy and happiness. You will become a breadwinner in this virtual family, and you have to perform all the chores in real life to take care of this family of yours. Virtual Families 3 is an exciting story and helps you get an experience of the whole life and helps you understand the busyness of real life.
Specifically, players will be familiar with and experience daily tasks such as taking care of the family, working, cooking, and many other things. Moreover, you can manually remodel many items in your beloved home. To continue the development of your life, you will have to go through many different aspects, such as making friends, getting married, and having children. Not only that, but you also need to go to work and implement a few money-making tips to maintain this budget.


Gameplay and Attractive features


To start your entire experience at Virtual Families 3, you need to choose a character, and then you will be taken to a house to live in. From now on, this is your living space, and you have the right to do everything you like to make it look more beautiful. Playing in Virtual Families 3 is very easy because you need to touch and drag so that your character can move and act. For example, if you want to shower, you can connect to the bathroom or the refrigerator when you feel hungry.
To have good health, in addition to discovering many new things, you also need to know how to take care of yourself carefully. Specifically, it would help if you served the character's daily needs such as eating on time, bathing clean every day, and resting to get energy. Sometimes your character is sick and needs to be taken care of more carefully, and this is a sincere and exciting experience.


Make the house clean

It is widespread for the house to be dusty; it will get dusty over time whether people live in it or empty. That's why house cleaning is essential. The most noticeable thing is the floor; you will see many stains appear and water spills on the floor. Sometimes there will be garbage and other objects, and you need to put them in the trash. To do this, let the character move to the trash can and select the item to move to the garbage; that's the job done.
Since this is a game, the characters in Virtual Families 3 will also develop very quickly. And this is also a necessary element for games because fast development helps to avoid boredom for players. Usually, the character will grow and age every 2 to 4 hours. To get a visual look at the characters, you can touch the character, and then the information will be display. Specifically, the data will include name, age, action, occupation, budget, and active status of the character.


Enjoy the process of life

The house will be an element you need to pay the most attention to because it helps you have the most beautiful and perfect life. Specifically, you should save your money to use it to upgrade your house. You can freely buy and add new furniture or do anything for your home. In addition, you also need to upgrade your character to discover more new challenges and remember to send your children to school. Note that you need to check your menu goals to complete them as soon as possible.
Life will be happier and more enjoyable when you have a partner and get married together to start building a happy family. You can search for your life partner through an online computer platform. To do that, touch and drag the characters to the computer desk. You can actively give suggestions so that the character can find the most suitable life partner for themselves. After seeing the most satisfactory object, the two will be married and move to live together in a house.


Family life will be more incredible than ever when members can do things according to their preferences. You also need to pay attention to upgrading your small family to enjoy the most open life in Virtual Families 3. Everyone joins hands to take care of each other and will receive sweet thanks and gratitude pressure from the opponent.
With adorable and eye-catching graphics, high quality will help you get the best inspiration when experiencing the game. So many beautiful things, and your dream life is now a reality.
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