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Unlimited Money/Unlocked

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperTrue Axis
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Skating is a prevalent sport among young people worldwide today; that's why the game True Skate was born to meet everyone's needs. When participating in True Skate, players will discover fascinating gameplay and open up a whole new environment for players to experience and show off their skills. Besides, players will receive information and pre-arranged challenges, and then players will spend time performing these combos to overcome the challenge. The unique thing is that players can freely move in different locations in an extremely attractive environment.

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Money

MOD V2 Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock paid content


  • For MOD purchases to work correctly, be sure to install the latest version of Lucky Patcher!
  • In the Switches, enable Google Billing Emulation and Proxy Server to emulate purchases;
  • Install and run the game;
  • Go to the in-game store and select the desired product (paid features and skateparks);
  • If you did everything correctly, a window will appear prompting you to continue the purchase.
  • Check Save to restore purchases and click Yes;
  • If an error appears, close it and click on the lower right button Restore purchases, then select the desired content and click on Download in the lower right corner.

Explore the impressive world of skating

With True Skate, you will have numerous opportunities to experience, discover and express yourself through the different terrains in the game. In addition, environmental factors will hinder you in the process of playing; for example, you will move inside a skateboard-specific climate,  which makes the game of skateboarding extremely fun. Therefore, take your time and explore True Skate.


The features in True Skate are designed to be highly realistic, and it is built based on everyday life, especially the environmental characteristics. What is more, when participating in True Skate, players will have many opportunities to experience and gain experience in the process of skating. Especially the variety of terrain, allowing players to use their skills to glide through them to show a combo, which makes the player exciting and attractive.

Highlights of True Skate

Show off your own favourite combinations

Taking the time to explore and experience pre-established terrain or environment elements can help familiarize players with standard moves, including basic operations in True Skate, as soon as, even if you are a beginner. Furthermore, performing correctly, these maneuvers will help prevent your surfing from having problems such as crashing or stopping midway due to a skateboard flipping upside down.


In case your skateboard is upside down, you need to deal with it immediately by returning the skateboard to the normal position and continuing. Besides, in the process of playing, you realize a change or abnormality; you do not want to stop halfway and keep playing until you complete this level or until you get a combo.
In this way, it will be highly comfortable for players to complete the goals and be able to experience the matches the way they like. This is one of the factors that make the difference and is preferred by many people. What is more, True Skate also succeeds in building obstacles such as stairs or ladders to challenge players. In other words, this will motivate players to use skills to overcome these factors, which is considered the best opportunity for players to explore and experience addiction.


Discover exciting and impressive challenges

In True Skate, players will have the opportunity to challenge themselves through pre-set elements. Besides, there are elements of surprise in each challenge players can find during the process challenge. Through challenges that help players perfect themselves and hone their skills by performing combos, players can quickly improve their control skills. All these factors create excitement and make players not bored down, and at the same time, it can arouse curiosity to conquer challenges to overcome the limits. True Skate is suitable for everyone, even those who have no experience with skateboarding.
When participating in the game, you will be guided in detail about each level, besides you will be trained with basic and necessary skills by providing detailed information to you. After reading the instructions, all you need to do is try to overcome the challenges. Each challenge will have a different mission, and you will know the progress of your task throughout the game displayed on the left corner of the screen, making it easy for you to observe and follow. What is more, you will receive a notification after completing a combo and know if you have achieved it or not.


Enjoy and explore various environments

True Skate designed an environment suitable for skateboarding, such as designing different heights and characteristics for players to experience skateboarding. The fascinating thing is that the terrain will not be completely flat because there will be obstacles to increase the game's appeal. Besides, True Skate exploited environmental factors very successfully, so players will never get bored when participating in True Skate.
Furthermore, if players want to increase the challenge of the environment, players can choose to buy different packages; these packages provide a lot of different backgrounds for players to experience. Because the environment will have many interesting features for players to explore, for the new environment, you are free to look for what you can do or even redo the things you used to do in the old domain. Those are considered experiences where players can challenge themselves.
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