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As you build your fantasy town, enjoy the fantastic town simulation gameplay. Assume the role of mayor of your beloved town and make appropriate management decisions to help it develop and prosper. Assist residents in their daily activities while also protecting them from dangerous incidents.


Use the building and crafting features to begin constructing your town from the ground up. Create your ideal town with a variety of structures and businesses. There is something for everyone from farms, barns, mines, and bakeries to museums, theaters, and the mayor's office. In Township, you'll have a lot of building alternatives.


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MOD Info

  • Cash increases when spent! (You can get a ban when using MOD!)


What is this game about?

Township is essentially a town management game in which you play as the mayor of a brand new town. It is your responsibility to assist in its development and ensure that the residents are content with their lives. As a result, you'll have to design your ideal town.


To begin, you'll need farms to create food and mines to acquire materials. After that, you should process them in your factories and stores. Convert them into a variety of items that may be traded on the open market. Collect funds and contribute to the growth of your city.


Furthermore, Township allows players to start their businesses in the game. This entails constructing your restaurants so that people can enjoy excellent food, cinemas to watch free movies, a park so that everyone can relax, and a variety of other community structures.


Prepare yourself as you take on the monumental task of being the mayor of a whole town.





Here you'll discover a list of all the game's fascinating features:


Manage and create your town

Android gamers now have access to a complete village on their mobile devices, thanks to Township. You are free to do whatever you want with your favorite town and engage with its residents at any time. Begin by constructing a small town from the ground up. As you continue through the game, you will be able to build buildings and enterprises.




Various building types are available to construct

Speaking of which, you'll have access to a range of various buildings to create in Township. To gather resources for the community:

  1. Choose between farms and mines.
  2. Build factories to transform those raw ingredients into usable commodities.
  3. Start turning those into consumable items by opening restaurants, shops, and stores.




Enjoy raising animals and growing crops at the farm

For farming, you'll begin by constructing your farm and putting your crops there. Take excellent care of your plants so that they can survive and grow. Collect your crops for factory production and prepare for a new harvest. If you wish to acquire more resources, you should manage and expand your farm.


Furthermore, you can keep livestock to obtain fantastic agricultural products such as wool, meat, and eggs.




Build factories to process your harvested crops

All of the raw materials that have been obtained must be collected and transferred to the facilities where they will be appropriately processed in Township. After the manufacturing is completed, you'll have ready-to-market commodities or materials that can be used for other purposes.


Interactive and character-defining townspeople

As you progress through Township, you'll gain access to the game's interactive townspeople, who are both entertaining and engaging. With their distinct personalities, you'll notice that they're all somewhat different from one another, making the game much more enjoyable. Furthermore, now and then, each of them may have specific needs that you must fulfill. This would gratify them while also providing you with fantastic rewards.


Get creative and make your zoo

Along with all of the manufacturing and construction, you can always relax in your notable zoos, where you keep all of the gorgeous animals. As you acquire more and more creatures for your wonderful zoo, it will grow and develop.


Feel free to cross-breed different animals to bring their progeny into your zoos in Township. Take pleasure in caring for these gorgeous and friendly creatures.


Find incredible relics and artifacts in the town's mine

It's a waste of time if you don't spend your time collecting the magnificent orbs and treasures that your town's mine has to offer. As a result, you can begin developing and extending your mines and updating your equipment to acquire an increasing number of things.




Trade with other islands

In Township, you can also join other mayors on the trade islands if you're low on any resource. You'll meet everyone and take part in fascinating commercial events here. Sell your items and go on a hunt for exotic items to buy. These are the ideal places to look for the best purchases because many things are offered.


Feel free to decorate the town in multiple ways

In Township's vast online world, when your town isn't the only one, it's advised that you deck out your zoo with spectacular decorations to attract more people. Other mayors may visit your town to admire your accomplishments. So don't be afraid to add magnificent icons to your town, such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben Tower, Eiffel Tower, and so on.


Play the game with your friends and other online players

Township gamers may also have a good time playing the game with their friends and other online gamers from all around the world. To connect with friends playing the game, simply join the fun on your social accounts such as Facebook or Google+. Furthermore, connecting your social account allows you to use the cloud saving option, ensuring that your saved files are safe.


In addition, you are free to communicate with other Township players and visit their villages if you so desire. In reality, the game introduces the fun Clan gameplay, in which you can all join an existing clan or form your own. Take part in a variety of clan activities, such as clan warfare and trading.


It's completely free to play

Despite all of the game's fascinating features, you can still play it for free on the Google Play Store. Simply download and install the game on your device to gain access to its fantastic features without having to spend anything.


Graphics and audio quality



Township presents Android gamers with a casual and fun town management game suited for people of all ages, thanks to its attractive and rich graphics. Furthermore, each character and animal in the game is incredibly engaging and well-designed, giving the impression that they are real.



Township is the ideal game for anyone looking for a casual mobile game to play on their mobile device, thanks to its enjoyable and peaceful soundtracks.


Enjoy unlimited money with our Township MOD APK

However, if the game's advertisements and in-app purchases continue to irritate you, we have precisely the solution for you. You'll have access to infinite money with our Township Mod APK, which you can use to buy whatever you desire. Additionally, we've deleted the advertisements to avoid being annoyed by them while playing the game. All you have to do is download the game and install it on your mobile device.


Final thoughts

Fans of the popular FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Gardenscapes games will enjoy Playrix's latest offering. Not to mention the fact that you'll have access to our Township unlimited mod, which is quite incredible.

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