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Indeed the gods are a character so familiar to all of us; when we are happy and sad or in trouble, we also express it to the gods. Until now, this character is always mentioned and even released in related games. When it comes to this topic, one must not ignore a beautiful game called Titan Quest. This is a famous and classic game for the worldwide player community, and the original game is the PC version. The love for this game significantly increased even though this is a fairly old game. With this heat, Titan Quest's new expansion that can be installed on mobile devices was born. This is considered a project with desirable new content but still retains the essence of the original game. Indeed the unique looks and features of this project will make you feel more excited than ever.
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  • Unlimited Money

The Story of Titan Quest

As mentioned, Titan Quest is a product that converges the essence of the original game version on PC. Each character clearly shows all elements, such as gods, heroes, bosses, monsters, friends, and many other characters. Surely the acts in this game will surprise players because of their uniqueness.

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Titan Quest will take you to the world of ancient Greece when humans were still living under the rule of the gods. At that time, the 3rd generation Greek gods were ruling this world; they were considered capable and ruled very stable. But all the unexpected events happened when the Titan giants escaped from the prison of Tartarus. This prison is regarded as a dark and miserable site, and after they have escaped from this place, there is a plot to take revenge by destroying the earth. 
With the appearance of too many new enemies, monsters, and evils such as loot also starting to take place, the power of the gods is not strong enough. So at this point, they need the hero's support and link to fight. To achieve peace, save the earth, and bring safety to life, the gods and friends need to run the army team to start the upcoming attacks.
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Gameplay and Attractive features

Wide-open world and series of wars

Titan Quest has an RPG fighting style that has been familiar to fans over the past decade. When participating in this game, you will be transformed into the world of wars, and the frequency of battles is highly dense. New enemies always appear very quickly, and make sure you do not miss a moment. Your mission is to fight to bring peace and tranquillity to this life. Moreover, this game is also classified as "hack and slash", because it is described by the intensity of the matches in Titan Quest. Possessing powerful forces, try to use all combat skills to defeat any enemies that stand in your way.

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The village of Helos will be the place to start the game, and this is a site that is being ravaged by monsters, looting and destroying everything, especially crops. You will receive new content and information to guide you. Specifically, they will give you weapons and skills to kill as many monsters as possible. This fascinating gameplay of Titan Quest not only helps you explore new lands but also offers a series of unprecedented challenges.
Over time, after going through many brutal battles and challenges, your character will also be upgraded with more strength and skills. Not only that, but you can also own a series of new items and quests. Combat operations in this game are also quite simple, like slashing or stabbing. You are counted as winning when there are no more monsters on the map.

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Characters and skills

Starting the game, the player needs to create an avatar image. The game will provide options and what you need to choose the character's name, gender, shirt colour. When coming to Titan Quest, players will be equipped with four different types of skills. MP and cooldown are two factors that affect how often skills are cast. You have to pay attention to the blue bar below the HP bar because as long as the HP bar is completely depleted, you will not be able to use your skills anymore. So players need to use their skills and energy appropriately, coordinate them flexibly to attack enemies, and make them lose before their power is exhausted.
Each character is also classified into different classes. You need to pay attention to which class your character belongs to because this will affect your fighting style throughout this game.

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New items and upgrade mode

An exciting thing about Titan Quest is that NPCs also act as Merchant selling weapons and new items in addition to specific tasks. Titan Quest also provides the character with an item store divided into many equipment slots for players to manage their number of things. Each space will contain an item but armour, weapons, or other accessories.
To buy more items, players must buy gold, which is also the only currency in Titan Quest. In addition to buying items, you can also collect them after battles with bosses. When they are defeated, you can be waiting for the items to drop and quickly pick them up. Or you can open chests in the surroundings to get items. Purple items represent "legendary items" while items in grey are just low quality items. When you see items with orange colour, it is a scarce item, and it contains specific functional attributes such as damage resistance.

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Not only that, but Titan Quest also offers a highly diverse and high quality arsenal of weapons for players to enjoy, such as sticks, hammers, swords, axes, and many others. This is also one of the unique points that many people love this game. In addition to attacking opponents with weapons, you also need to pay attention to your combat skills to gain as many advantages as possible.
The upgrade system is based on skill trees, and you need to use skill points to unlock and upgrade various features. Specifically, there are eight Mascots such as Spirit, Warfare, Defense, Hunting, Earth, Storm, Rogue, and Nature. Players have full access to two mascots at the same time. In addition, the game has a total of 36 Classes, and between different mascots, there are 150 skills.
It can be said that this is a beautiful and unique expansion version, utterly different from other RPG games.

Join for free

Titan Quest is an attractive and exciting game that players can download and install right here in this article. With these Titan Quest mods, players will enjoy the last update with bug fixes. All features and game quality are significantly increased. Indeed when you come to Titan Quest, you will not be alone because a community of players is waiting for you to join. Enjoy the game, and every time you want to discover new things, the community of players will help you have an extremely fun and attractive fighting team.
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Graphics quality

If the original game has captivated players, players will also be delighted with this Titan Quest anniversary edition. The game's graphics are designed to be clear, vivid, and carefully polished to the smallest detail. As a game on the mobile version, everything is invested very carefully, from the appearance, items, scenery to monsters or immovable objects such as houses or statues. The details of day or night time in the game are also depicted very realistically.

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