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Unlimited Ammo/No Reload

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperBoomBit Games
CategoryArcade ,

"Tank" is a name and an image known to all ages. This is considered a familiar symbol of ancient battles. Not only that, but this is also a very close simulation image that the children love very much. Specifically, the tank is a sizeable heavy-armed vehicle; the tank is suitable for highly complex and rough combat terrain.
If you are a fan of tanks or are interested in exploring and tanks, then Tanks A Lot! It will be an exciting and attractive game for you. This is an exciting game released by Highcore Labs LLC, with a combination of real-time wall combat, in the thrilling action genre.
Tanks A Lot! promises to bring a series of most exciting and satisfying experiences for players!

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • No Ads

MOD V2 Info

  1. MOD Menu
  2. Godmode // Take No Damage
  3. Unlimited Ammo // No Reload
  4. Unlimited Ability // No Ability Cooldown
  5. Speed Multiplier // Increase Move Speed
  6. Remove Enemy Shield // Enemy has no spawn shield

The Story of Tanks A Lot!

This is a beautiful game on the mobile version, and many objects can participate in playing because of its dynamism and fun. Indeed those who are fans of vehicles will be attracted by the tank images and many unique designs of Tanks A Lot!. Experience a highly new task of designing your tank. Precisely, with the components available in the game, you will assemble yourself a tank. To best accomplish the goal, you need to complete each part of the tank correctly. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to hone your interesting tank knowledge and skills.
Also, you can call many friends to join the competition and battle in Tanks A Lot!. Not only that, but you can also work together to create specific strategies and create plans to win every round easily.


Attractive feature

Latest features and versions

With the latest version, players will be delighted and excited. The battle process will be optimized most strongly because the player has the right to change his battle process. To get the incredible power of a tank engine, you need to get energy from the store and then put that energy into the warehouse. Every time you need to use it, you can immediately use it to increase the power of your tank. Most significantly, with this new version, a series of minor bugs have been fixed and improved considerably compared to the old versions.


Also, when you started the game, you chose a nickname for yourself, but now you want to change it; this is entirely doable with this new version. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to own many beautiful gifts and more unique events than ever before. Tanks A Lot! brings a series of exciting features and new things, ensuring players will be delighted and excited.

Lots of other cool features

Tanks A Lot! gives you a series of unique and new weapons to provide you with more power to fight. These weapons include stun guns, machine guns, napalm bombs, and even cannons. Depending on your preferences and playing, choose the most suitable weapons for the battle. Pistols can help you explore head-to-head gameplay and get close to your enemies. If you are a person who likes action and technology, you can use a laser gun. You will experience a feeling of extreme professional sniper shooting like in the movie.


Guaranteed, you will feel the desirable and profound experience from Tanks A Lot!. Try to come up with the most meticulous and intelligent strategy, and this will be a mighty secret to help you become a winner and defeat your enemies.
Note that come up with the neatest, quick, definitive, and effective strategies!

Multiplayer mode

At different times, players have the right to choose between many different game modes. So you will not be afraid to be bored because you will freely explore and enjoy a series of different game modes.
What do you think about the classic game mode?
Surely this will be an exciting game mode that you will love. With the classic game mode, you can freely explore and fight in your style. The challenge you need to go through is fighting hard to get as many resources as possible, staying firm, and winning the fierce battle. In addition, with the Tank - O - Ball football mode, you will get an exciting and attractive experience.


Play on mobile: Download Tanks A Lot! and explore.
Play on PC: Download Tanks A Lot! and Bluestack support tool to be able to play games to your heart's content.
Surely this will be an exciting game and bring you the most beautiful relaxing moments!
Download and explore Tanks A Lot! now!


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