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Unlimited Money/God Mode

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperHorizon Games Ltd
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This new mobile release from Horizon Games will undoubtedly help you immerse yourself in the adventures of those interested in addictive action-adventure gameplay. Android gamers can engage in in-depth and engaging RPG gaming with stunning graphics and in-depth in-game features.


Explore and enjoy the hack 'n' slash gameplay to the best with Takashi Ninja Warrior. Join our badass ninja warrior on his epic quest to battle the forces of evil and restore peace to the world. While exploring the actual path of a ninja, you can also improve and develop your characters.


Our comprehensive reviews will tell you everything you need to know about Takashi Ninja Warrior for Android.




MOD Info


  • God Mode
  • Unlimited money (always active)
  • Ads removed



  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock All Skins

(Enter the game for the second time to receive)



  • After starting the game, click pause, then buy whatever gives you an infinite amount of money and souls;
  • The stamina didn't drop;
  • No skill cooldown;
  • Immortal;
  • No Ads.


What is this game about?

Android gamers will find themselves embarking on the ultimate adventures as a medieval Japanese ninja warrior in the game. As you embark on your final journeys to defeat the forces of evil that now roam the world, you discover that you have inherited your father's renowned fighting sword. As you prepare for the ultimate tasks in Takashi Ninja Warrior, take down various foes along the way and enjoy the excellent in-game storylines.


Your hometown, Tochi, is being ravaged by forces of evil, and the people are suffering. You must learn the hard way to become Japan's great warrior who will overthrow the corrupted monarch and save your people, as your father did. Take part in thrilling in-game conflicts, engage in epic sword fights with epic adversaries, and experience the addicting bouts in the fighting arena. The game has a lot of fun features for you to try out.





The following are all of the game's fantastic features:


Enjoy the addicting hack-and-slash gameplay

Right away, Android gamers in Takashi Ninja Warrior will be able to enjoy the simple and addicting hack 'n' slash gameplay that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful actions fully. Battle the adversaries with a variety of weapons and enjoy the game's various fighting styles.


Takedown foes while earning experience points to improve your Arashi family ninja warrior abilities. Make use of a variety of weapons, each with its own set of powers and attacks. And continue to fight monsters and corrupted enemies around Japan in epic fights.


Simultaneously, feel free to use the available touch controllers to guide your characters through the midst of conflicts properly. As you "hack" your way through the following trials, unleash your precise attacks and skills to take out your adversaries and overcome the epic difficulties.




Explore a vast universe filled with fantastic in-game destinations

Android gamers will have access to a vast in-game universe with numerous interconnecting maps in the game. However, by exploring the secret passageways, gamers can simply travel and discover the game's unique destinations. As you explore the entire world and uncover numerous amazing spots, you'll find yourself enjoying the great RPG and action gameplay. Feel free to immerse yourself in a variety of intriguing in-game experiences, as well as the significant quests that will lead you through the many tasks. Android players will get thoroughly engrossed in the spectacular and gorgeous medieval age of Japan.


Discover the RPG elements with the Inventory System

On the other hand, android gamers in Takashi Ninja Warrior are allowed to use the unique Inventory System throughout their in-game adventures, which allows for more fascinating and entertaining gameplay. Have a blast exploring the fantastic gameplay from a variety of angles and taking complete control of your characters in a variety of ways. Check your treasure, in-game progress, and modify and upgrade your skill trees as desired. This would allow for distinct ninja character developments as well as varied game methods.




Battle multiple enemies, each with unique characteristics

To keep things fresh, Android players in Takashi Ninja Warrior will be able to engage in epic battles with various foes, each with their distinct behaviors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the game's distinctive combats fully. As you progress, you'll find yourself having a good time fighting horrible monsters, witches, enemy ninjas, and other foes. Enjoy innovative and exciting in-game battles with fantastic hack-and-slash action. Take on a variety of adversaries, each with their combat style.


Make use of one-of-a-kind weapons to approach battles in a new way

And, speaking of which, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the different in-game weapons, which will permit alternative approaches to the conflicts, to further support you in your various combats against the adversaries.


Explore the fantastic in-game conflicts with various weaponry, each with its own distinct and exciting combat style for you to enjoy. Because the game cannot be completed with just a single blade, make sure to increase your skills in all types of combats with certain weapons. To become a genuine ninja master, master all of the martial arts in Takashi Ninja Warrior.




Discover the location of Lord Shido to gain health and save your game

The game includes many Lord Shido places dispersed throughout the area to aid gamers on their journeys. Gamers can entirely refresh their ninja warriors and store their game progress here. Feel free to explore the maps as you learn more about these fascinating places. Make use of them to aid the players in their last battles against evil powers.


Purchase certain items in the shop for a more comprehensive gameplay experience

Of course, for those interested, the game also includes an entire store with various things and equipment for you to pick up and utilize. Make any alterations you want to your characters' appearances using a variety of equipment and accessories. Have their ninja abilities improved with fantastic upgrades at the same time? The in-game store will make completing tasks and progressing through your trips a lot easier.




It's completely free to play.

Android gamers may still enjoy their action-adventure gaming in Takashi Ninja Warrior for free despite the beautiful in-game features. As a result, you will be able to download and install the game from the Google Play Store without paying anything.


Graphics and audio quality



Takashi Ninja Warrior, for those who are interested, features immersive 3D graphics that will thoroughly engross you in the hack 'n' slash action. You'll find yourself looking forward to each hit with your various weapons and their distinct mechanics. Enjoy the great combats, as well as the solid in-game visuals and other features. Furthermore, because the game has unique graphic settings, you may have a seamless and enjoyable battle on most Android devices.



In addition to the thrilling in-game graphics, gamers in Takashi Ninja Warrior will find that the game's engaging audio will make them love the combats and adventures even more. From the intuitive and robust sound effects that would draw you into the fights to the calming and engrossing soundtracks enhance the whole experience.


Get infinite money with our mod

On the other hand, with our customized version of the game, those who want to enjoy the game even more, can get rid of the obnoxious in-game purchases and commercials. Simply download the Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and your mobile devices should be fully functional. You'll have access to unlimited money, no adverts, and a variety of intriguing mods that will make the entire experience much more enjoyable.


Final thoughts

If you appreciate the excellent gameplay of Shadow Fight 3, Shadow Fight 2, and other games like it, you'll love this fantastic 3D hack 'n' slash adventure with a lot of new gameplay. Enjoy the realistic in-game mechanics while completing your ultimate tasks and engaging in exciting combats with the terrible adversaries. And, most significantly, now that the game has been fully unlocked, gamers may fully enjoy Takashi Ninja Warrior with our mod.

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