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Quick Kill

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperKingsGroup Holdings
CategorySurvival ,

State of Survival is a brand new survival game. You have to build strategies and detailed plans to overcome disasters by applying unique techniques to improve visuals on all platforms, making the action scenes more impressive and engaging. What's more, in association with The Walking Dead, players have many opportunities to discover iconic events and content.
State of Survival brings extremely impressive and attractive gameplay that you will surely enjoy, discover right here!

MOD Info

  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the ability to disable the delay before the first (immediately after the inscription Attention, infected!) Use of skills.

Exciting features

Gather all the survivors

When participating in the State of Survival, you will have the opportunity to experience becoming one of the leaders of a survival team, offering impressive survival gameplay through tactics. Before players can fight or explore, scout, or perform other missions, they need to build a safe base, find survivors and link up with them to form small communities. In particular, participate in all the different activities to keep safe from any attack. In addition, we can exchange necessities or even any resources in exchange for larger goods.


Fight and protect your resources

Environmental elements will create complex obstacles in each journey to add more fun to the game, making them extremely impressive. Therefore, depending on the environment, players need to be careful in finding survivors. At the same time, they need to be more flexible in performing tasks such as controlling combat units to destroy all zombies to be able to complete the objectives safely. Besides, the game also offers pure time strategy through combat systems, making the State of Survival even more enjoyable.

Create supply lines and build many buildings

Players need to make sure the base is safe, and this will help the player survive. Moreover, the player can search for buildings or companies to collect ammunition, food, drink, or some other kind of resource. The player can renovate or upgrade the building's house by cleaning and expanding. At the same time, to maintain and fight zombies, players can build more training areas, arsenals, or even medical stations to support the battle process. Players should create a strong community to support the fight by upgrading players, requiring the HQ to have the necessary level and enough new content to explore and build the base.


Create an alliance with other survival camps

Players can create a strong survival community by linking with other survival camps to form an alliance. Once assembled into partnerships, the player can develop it and trade for weapons or other resources at the right price or even go on quests together. The game also updates special events or different exciting activities every week, and the players need to cooperate to complete the tasks more manageable. All of this will highlight the benefits of Alliances to make things easier for players.

Discover and research new technologies

The State of Survival also regularly upgrades technology equipment so that you can complete the task in the best way; with this levelling, players can save more resources in crafting and unlocking items with state-of-the-art equipment to combat potential targets. Nevertheless, this process can take a long time to complete, it will take a long time to meet many conditions to start content. Besides upgrading equipment, it also affects the base building, as it provides new functions for players to build for defense or production lines.


Great combination with many other franchises

The combination with The Walking Dead will provide fascinating characters, such as famous characters like Daryl Dixon becoming the focus of each mission and the rewards achieved after completing the task. Besides, the game also has extremely spectacular and bustling parties to welcome everyone.
State of Survival is a game that gives you a lot of interesting experiences, implements the perfect strategies to build a strong alliance community, and has the opportunity to join your friends in many different events. Therefore, State of Survival is also considered one of the most impressive tactical survival games, with more than millions of downloads.

What are you waiting for without enjoying the exciting things only at the State of Survival!
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