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Unlocked All/Menu

UpdatedOct 26, 2021 (2 days ago)
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We've all seen a lot of western and sci-fi in space movies, but have you ever played a game that includes two categories above? You may have heard of or perhaps played Space Marshals or Xenowerk, two of the best top-down action shooter games. Good news for Pixelbite fans: Space Marshals 3, the successor to the well-received first "Space Marshals," has been launched, and it is much better, more engaging, and includes several new features.


If you've played "Space Marshals," you'll find the sequel to be more enjoyable and demanding. But if you aren't, there's no need to play the first part to comprehend the tale; Space Marshals 3 has its storyline and is very addicting and highly praised. The fact that you must kill your adversaries silently makes Space Marshals 3 more recommended than the original.




MOD Info

  • Unlocked All/Menu
  • Paid first chapter purchased
  • After launching the game, go to the top left and select the circular button to access the mod menu, including the following features.
  1. Endless ammo
  2. Open all missions
  3. Open all items


How to bypass the license?

  1. Find and download Space Marshals 3 on Google Play
  2. Abort downloads when the progress has started a few%
  3. Download MOD here and install
  4. Enjoy


What is this game about?

Space Marshals 3 is a thrilling sci-fi tactical top-down shooter mobile game that challenges stealthy and quiet to defeat their opponents.


During a prison breakout, a former Space Marshal named Burton was released. Burton needs the player's assistance in tracking down bad people and rescuing prisoners all around the cosmos. Players must sneak up on opponents and engage in a tactical battle to gain the best results. There is also a fun story to follow and enjoy while playing the game.


With the dopey and easily distracted protagonist, snide Al, and other characters, players may find the dialogue to be rather amusing at times.





Extraordinary and innovative gameplay

This isn't a game about splattering bullets and killing as many adversaries as possible. It's a hybrid of action and stealth, with players able to personalize their weaponry and upgrade them with new equipment and mechanics, expanding their tactical options.


Heavy armor, lightning guns, and other weapons will enable gamers to take on bandits and space pirates that prefer stealth to action. Those interested in tactical activities, on the other hand, can finish off their opponents without firing a shot or use computer terminals to turn turrets into allies. Even though killing the adversaries appears to be difficult, gamers will not find it so.


Players now have a new option called the sleeper hold, which should be mentioned. Without firing a single shot, a player can place a sleeper grip on an enemy. As a result, there will be no breaking of the silence, and players will go unnoticed.




Lots of collectibles for you to find in 20 diverse quests

Space Marshals 3 features missions that are straightforward, so players will not be confused. The better the performance, the rarer things get.


Weapons, armors, distraction devices, and other items may be awarded as rewards; each weapon has its unique set of characteristics. The game includes over 70 different weapons and gears, but you can only use one at a time.


Players will be able to combat several factions throughout 20 different missions. Since gaining five stars is contingent on the number of deaths, you never have to worry about mission time. It will become increasingly challenging as you progress through the levels. You may become disoriented and end up on a larger map that takes longer to complete, but these maps are never too large to be confusing.


Each task has hidden trinkets to find as well as ranks to attain. Throughout the 20 levels, there are hidden coins to be located as well as headgear to gather.




Controls using dual sticks

The controls in Space Marshals 3 are straightforward, albeit it may take some practice to become used to them. One joystick controls your character's movement, while the other controls the weapon's aim. You can customize the controller's settings to your liking.


If the controls aren't enough for you and have an MFi controller, you can use it instead, but you'll need the expanded layout first.




No Internet connection is required

What makes Space Marshals 3 title even more unique is that you may play it without an Internet connection by pulling out your mobile devices, sitting down, relaxing, and playing it.


Support for cloud-based game saving

There's no need to worry about re-doing the levels you've already completed if you inadvertently delete your game or wish to reinstall it after a long hiatus because your data will be kept.




Graphics and audio quality



Gamers will be enthralled by the breathtaking 3-D graphics, which are created in high definition using Metal. There are no lags or stuttering when playing, and the visuals are smooth. Character figures move realistically, and the spaceship or saloon has sharp looks. The dynamic lighting effects only add to the game's spectacular appearance.



The music is excellent, and it works well with any map that features an ambient, atmospheric tune. Despite the lack of variation, when difficult periods arise, there is tension in the sound, with some action to make gamers feel more daring.


Unlock all features with our Space Marshals 3 MOD APK

Some of the features you might enjoy will be unlocked, and the premium version is always available if you want to get the most out of them. Simply download Space Marshals 3 MOD APK from our website, follow the on-screen instructions, and you're done.



Players who have played Space Marshals will find the sequel very similar, if not repetitious, and lacking in surprises.


Furthermore, after completing a level, players are only given one item for one round. As a result, they will have to play four times to obtain all four goods, which might be aggravating at times.


The controllers make it challenging to reach out to the center of the screen to tap things on occasion. They can be corrected, but only to a certain extent.


Final thoughts

Pixelbite incorporates characteristics that function well in the first part and adds additional smart choices on top of them, from subtle acts to a diverse set of objects and HD graphics. Space Marshals 3 Mod APK is a game title not to be missed. It's a lot of fun choosing which adversary to fight first and figuring out how to get to your destination.


With a sci-fi western backdrop, this title boasts a retro-futuristic look. You may occasionally find yourself aboard a saloon's spaceship. Space Marshals 3 is well worth your time if you enjoy mobile gaming and enjoy western sci-fi or a lighthearted tale.

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