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Weak/Frozen Enemy

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
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Are you a fan of sword fights?
Do you love RPG games?
Surely Shadow Fight 3 will bring all these attractions to you. This is a Fighting game genre game published by NEKKI. Shadow Fight 3 offers players an exciting and dramatic journey through a beautiful continent, and you will have to face and fight a series of powerful enemies. A series of dramatic challenges will be given, and you will be the one to experience them all. You are guaranteed to surprise yourself with the fascinating scenarios and eye-catching weapon system of Shadow Fight 3.
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  • Freeze Enemy (Hit when the enemy jumps)

The impressive and beautiful RPG world

Shadow Fight 3 owns an extraordinarily eye-catching and impressive graphics version, ensuring players will be surprised by the great things that this game brings. The game has a high investment in images, environments, and characters, shown most smoothly and impressively. An RPG world is presented attractively and immerses players in a tremendous background. Not only that, but the combat effects in Shadow Fight 3 are also a factor that creates excitement and excitement for players on each battle screen.


Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game, so players will be confronted with various enemies and try to fight as best as possible to complete the set goal. To get a golden victory, Shadow Fight 3 depends entirely on the player's skills and fighting style because the player will be the one who controls his character. Specifically, through the buttons and control buttons on the screen, the player needs to be flexible and focused on maintaining the character to create combat activities. To make the game more realistic and exciting, Shadow Fight 3 also offers many impressive cutscenes with engaging content. Indeed players will be completely immersed in these scenarios.


Gameplay and Attractive features

Conquer all challenges and become a winner

In a long way to discover many new things, players will encounter a series of different enemies. In this situation, do not hesitate but go ahead and try to take down the enemy as quickly as possible. Even if you are a new player and still do not have much experience, do not worry because Shadow Fight 3 always has detailed instruction screens to help you grasp the situation more clearly. Everything seems so simple when you have this tutorial feature to help you.
In this game, players will fight directly with the enemy with basic skills, but sometimes it is interesting to cooperate with them and make them lose. Specifically, you can perform skills to move and dodge the opponent's attacks. In addition, you can pay attention to their fighting style and then give the appropriate attacks to defeat them. When you reach a certain level, more special skills will be unlocked, and you can use them to fight.


Your shadow skill will be shown below the HP bar; remember to pay attention to it. There will be a key combination for the player to select, which will activate the player's combat skills or enter a new state. It can be said that when the character's appearance has a recent change and looks more extraordinary, the surrounding context becomes more innovative and darker. That's when your character has completely changed and gained a new look and power. In addition to using basic skills, players also need to perform other skills and attacks, which will help increase the damage to enemies and defeat them. Try to make the fastest attacks because if you stay slow, you will lose.

Enjoy lots of exciting details

To help players understand and see the overview of the road ahead that they are about to experience, Shadow Fight 3 has provided a map with a large area. This map will show the journey as well as the places that you will discover stretching later. To receive rewards and money, you need to overcome tough battles in the places you go. Achieving good results will bring you a lot of money and vice versa. Not only that but Shadow Fight 3 also offers beautiful cutscenes or impressive slow motion moves.


Through cutscenes, players will be led and described all things and exciting stories in different locations. Besides the harsh battles, this will be an extremely entertaining element to help players enjoy the game to the fullest. With high-quality graphics, this game has very impressive cutscenes, giving players the best storyline. Try to pass many levels and conquer many different locations, and then your character will become more professional and more assertive.

Collect many attractive items

To help players complete their battle and show the best skills, Shadow Fight 3 has brought a series of awe-inspiring items and weapons. Specifically, there will be packages in the store, and you can open them; the opening of these weapons is entirely random. Weapon packages will have different values; owning many different types of weapons will help you easily show off your skills and defeat your opponents.


The exciting point of Shadow Fight 3 is changing the colour of your equipment, and if you do not feel like the base colour of the equipment, you can change it to another colour. Everything will be more exciting and exciting when you can choose the things you love. In particular, great items and weapons are also given away at significant events, so don't miss them.
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