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Mod info

Unlimited Money/Lives

UpdatedOct 17, 2021 (1 day ago)
DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.
CategorySports ,

MOD V1 Info

  • Removed license check;
  • Money when rewinding and buying hearts increases..

MOD V2 Info

  1. MOD Menu
  2. Unlimited Energy // Unlimited Energy Purchased
  3. Always Free Rewind // Rewind always shows up as free

How to enable necessary permissions:

  1. Only necessary on Android 6+.
  2. Open the app info for Score! Hero 2.
  3. Go to permissions, enable: Storage.
  4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.

-> Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand.

Modded by TheArmKing

Build the best football team

Score! Hero 2 is considered one of the most enjoyable games for football fans and sports game fans on mobile phones. There is no need to wait for the right day and time to watch classic football matches on TV, and now you can immerse yourself in every play of your favourite football game. Score! Hero 2 brings desirable and thrilling football matches every second of every minute.
There is nothing more exciting than being able to own a great team like in your dreams. Let's start calculating and arranging the most scientific team, then choose the game that best suits your player lineup. Everything becomes too easy because every game development is in your plan. What you need to do is control and control your characters to bring about the most resounding victory.


Discover the perfect soccer game

No need to worry about your own experience with Score! Hero 2, you will be free to create a new squad according to your preferences. Together with your beloved team, try to lead the team to the top of the rankings with the most resounding goals. After coaching and teaching your favourite football team, you may discover your excellent leadership talent, and this is your time to show it off for all to see. There's nothing better than a team of superstars, the best and most talented players. And finally, flexibly overcome opponents and score the best goals for your team.
Come to Score! Hero 2, you will be delighted because the football graphics are designed in detail, realism, and sophistication, with a combination of attractive and exciting football gameplay. What football fans have always been waiting for are tournaments and at Score! Hero 2, you will no longer have to wait too long but can immediately lead your team to participate in the most exciting matches. In addition, tools related to players or badges will help you get more authentic experiences than ever.
Start commanding and creating the most exciting strategies for your team right now!


Highlights of "Score! Hero 2"

You will be immersed and free to explore your sports career's most exciting and exciting football gameplay. In particular, try to attach victory to be listed in the famous team's rankings and history. You can control the scorers by using the fastest shots, beautiful and delicate passes. Try to complete the passes well so that the opponent does not have a chance to take your ball. A significant world tournament will have up to 90 licensed players participating, and you will be able to choose your favourite team and then sign a contract and participate.


With a combination of the most advanced and unique designs, Score! Hero 2 delivers an incredibly smooth, fluid, and high-quality gameplay like never before. Players will feel extraordinarily realistic and attractive gameplay. Not only that, with the infinite hero mode, players can win many positions on the legendary top of the rankings. In particular, players can easily customize their game interfaces such as badges, costumes, and many other exciting features. All of you are free to choose according to your preferences.

Free to play with a constantly updated version

What could be better than being able to play Score! Hero 2 is completely free. Just a few simple steps, download, install and explore. You will experience the most exciting, dramatic, and thrilling moments on each football screen. Not only that, to fully optimize to help players feel the entire game, Score! Hero 2 has continuously updated the latest improved versions by integrating a series of highly new tournaments. In particular, you can collect many unique and attractive rewards with daily tasks and take advantage of those rewards to upgrade your players.
Try to lead your team to go as far as possible, leading on the famous rankings worldwide. More classic matches ahead are waiting for you to discover!


Game quality


The graphic image background is carefully designed. Every specific detail, such as the pitch, the goal, the stands, the professional player lineup, is described in the most honest and detailed way. The portrait, body shape, and face are all depicted with the players, and you will easily distinguish between many players. Moreover, activities and movements such as moving, shooting, passing the ball, dribbling, or catching the ball professionally from the goalkeeper are designed most realistically.


The sound is lively and subtly combined like the cheers of thousands of spectators, providing a breathtaking atmosphere. More specifically, the most impressive is the sound emitted from the audience on the stands, cheering, beating the drums, and singing to create a fascinating match. The players on the field will be extremely excited by these vibrant cheering sounds.
Not only that, the sounds such as movement, kicking, dribbling, match whistle are also inserted in a very realistic way. At the same time, Score! Hero 2 also owns many impressive, lively and attractive background music.
Guaranteed players will be attracted and plunge into the beautiful world of sports only at Score! Hero 2!
Download and explore Score! Hero 2 now!


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