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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperZ & K Games
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If you have experienced games with enjoyable gameplay or exciting adventures, exploring horror games will be a good suggestion. Horror games have recently been one of the hottest and most attractive gameplay in the gaming world because it offers a level of challenge that is both horror, fear, and fun. Speaking of which, Scary Teacher 3D will be a game worth experiencing once. You will be dropped into a world and imprisoned, in addition to being scrutinized and observed by an evil character. With an entirely new way of playing, Scary Teacher 3D has brought an unprecedented attractive impression.

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Stars

MOD V2 Info

  • Free purchases for real money;
  • You can get free stuff without watching ads (for example, unlocking new levels).

Join a vast open-world

You will be free to immerse yourself in a vast open-world at Scary Teacher 3D. In this world, the game offers a full range of diverse and different details to help players get the best exploration experience. The scene shown is a spacious campus of a large house, where you will have to go around to explore every corner to achieve many of the goals that the game sets out. You will indeed be immersed in this magical world with an extensive but highly detailed and attractive design. Everything seems to have an extraordinary attraction, drawing you into this exciting gameplay every minute of every second.
Scary Teacher 3D will generally participate in two main characters, even an older woman and yourself. This house is also where that older woman lives, and you can go everywhere in this building to explore but be as careful as possible and avoid being caught by her. You can easily observe her moves through the left corner of the screen; she is very aggressive and always moves everywhere. That's also why you need to be careful and try to move quickly out of her sight. Moreover, a text will appear in the middle of the screen, which is a powerful tool to help you achieve the task in this exciting game.


With this exciting horror game, you will have to control the character from a first-person perspective, just like other horror games. With this perspective, you will feel a sense of suspense, attraction, and excitement. You will handle all the beautiful things that happen yourself because you are the one who discovers and masters everything. In particular, with this perspective, you are seen as part of this dreamy game world and guaranteed to be mesmerized by the most innovative, enhanced, and immersive game experiences.

Exciting experience features

Give that woman a lesson

As known, that woman's character is highly fierce, and you need to stay away from her. And this is also the highlight that makes Scary Teacher 3D extremely attractive and attractive. A genius student who always wants to explore and find new things encounters an extremely harsh teacher. It is worth mentioning that she always has terrible physical punishments, which makes you quite scared. In addition to the main character, she will also be your companion throughout the game, and she will always hinder you. So the game has an exciting goal of making fun of her, and you will mess around, teaching her a memorable lesson.


This game has a gameplay that looks quite simple, but it also takes a certain amount of time for preparation and specific care during exploration. Most specifically, you will receive the task of breaking into this house to start carrying out your plan. With the instructions and provided information, lines will be displayed in the middle of the screen, and through that, you will also know the tasks you need to do. These lines will often tell you various information, such as the goals you need to do, what you will get by achieving those goals, and it also instructs you on the actions the woman takes that will do.
Once you have this information, it will be easy to plan and take the first steps in breaking into this house. Players will be free to explore by interacting with beautiful environmental elements. During your exploration, you can pick up some items to aid your quirky tricks, and you can also open up some rooms. Try to finish well to avoid she will catch you.


Don't worry about not knowing this new gameplay because Scary Teacher 3D always provides you with the most detailed instructions when entering the game. After you understand and catch the first steps, you will feel more excited than ever. This game will bring a sense of suspense and excitement because the player has to both perform the break-in operations and be afraid of being caught at any time. So this is a exciting feeling that every player will experience when coming to this game.

Diverse rules

Coming to Scary Teacher 3D, you will feel many surprises through each different frame; there are up to 15 other rooms for you to experience and explore. There will be unique things in these rooms, new and special functions to help you freely explore and perform your naughty actions. Worth mentioning, you need to do the disruptive elements specifically and get them done soon. Feel free to create your disruptive ideas to explore these extremely interesting playrooms.


Your main goal is to mess things up in this woman's house. Making a mess that makes a woman mad will make you feel extremely excited. The emission mechanism can help you get a direction next, and then you will quickly update the following places to explore. To bring the best experience, this game always brings new and unique updates.

New gameplay, attractive and stimulating

With simple but extremely stimulating gameplay, Scary Teacher 3D has made players addicted to this game because of the exciting things it brings. An open world with a series of different areas will take you from one feeling to another new and more exciting feel. You're sure to have a great time at Scary Teacher 3D.


Too many fascinating things are waiting for you at this game!
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