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Mod infoMaximum Level/Damage/Experience
UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperNinetail Games
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Do you want to experience a strategy game that's contemporary and features groundbreaking battles? If so, come at Rogue Hearts to experience thrilling moments. The new game of role-playing was recently updated to bring amazing success and made an impression on players. The ability to level up and modern bugs will be among the most recent features that will make the game exciting and packed with distinctive features. You can be a true player within this video game.

Creative Strategies

It is common to want to get a good burn with matches and matches, and Rogue Hearts also took that as its main theme this time. You won't be disappointed as this game incorporates the best of the most recent innovations that are both stimulating and strategic. A dungeon-crawler with an ideal version is finally revealed and has been praised by those who play the game.

Players must be prepared with a strategy to to fight with vigor. Each strategy will have the players a unique perspective and, depending on the particular situation, we will be able to take an entirely new approach. There will be innovative breakthroughs within every strategy, and many excellent matches will be etched into the record books.


Every challenge is unique and will present the player to a different viewpoint and is based on the aspect. The main goal of the player is to assume the role of a hero and to fight hard to claim the glory. It won't be dull since Rogue Hearts contains charms and fierce combat.

The players will slowly explore the eerie deep dungeons brimming with enemies and we'll have to destroy them in all. Based on distance and also based on your where you are and your opponent's position determine a sensible move. Nine squares is an appropriate distance. should the enemy be in the safe zone you should eliminate the threat. As many enemies take on and defeat, the more new lands we can conquer and the more exclusive rewards.

UNIQUE features

There are a lot of excellent heroes within Rogue Hearts, and we can choose according to our personal preferences and desires. If you're looking to battle in the wild select a quick and well-educated general to battle massive monsters. If you're fighting on a sandy field pick a commander who is able to withstand the elements of wind and heat. Based on the specific battlefield the moment we decide on an appropriate character for the battle.

A wide range of weapons can help you supply your self with weapons in battle. Marks, swords, guns, ... are upgraded to a higher level which you can utilize during battle. With beautiful sound effects and colourful images, you get a vibrant image of the game.

With this, Rogue Hearts has shown its capabilities; each game will have a distinct color. Each level will have a distinct goal and mission to increase the fun. Start playing right now to take pleasure in it and be the greatest superhero in the world.

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