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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperRoblox Corporation
CategoryStrategy ,

Determining the needs and psychology of players, so most game makers aim to make the wishes and dreams of players come true. Therefore, when participating in games, players can build whatever they like and have moments of relaxation. However, very few games can update regularly and expand continuously, even allowing other players to join together. Such games will often be widely available and known through open-source, especially as they are developed on all platforms to participate. ROBLOX is considered a game that meets all of the above requirements, and becoming a popular game is even considered a healthy playing field. As mentioned, the game will give players an exciting and engaging experience through content that is continuously updated and related to famous games.

MOD V1 Info

  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode (inmunity to some damage)
  • Jump cheat
  • Slider Jump Height
  • Fly
  • Pass Through Walls (grants inmunity to some environmental hazards)
  • Lock Camera POV
  • Night Mode
  • Troll features

NOTE: Note: This mod needs more testing, and features might work unconsistently/differently

Modded by Yaskashije

MOD V2 Info

1. Infinite jump
2. fly
3. Noclip + 100% AirWalk/wallhack (jump)
4. escape prison/Go on walls//Reverse gravity
5. Set jump value -> Low jump. Normal jump. High Jump. High jump++. More than heaven
6. Ragdoll v.1 (When jumps fall down)
7. Ragdoll v.2 (when jumps character explodes)
8. Ragdoll v.3 (when touchs wall character gets teleported)
9. Noclip The best (if dont works reset)
10. bunny hop
11. different walking animation
12. Night mode
13. Rotation speed v1 (cant turn off)
14. Rotation speed v2 (cant turn off)
15.God mode/Ghost mode (when activate your character get stuck in the position you activated the mod, you can still move, but no one can see you moving)(you cant move when you desactivate the mod)
NEW MODS (some mods works with emulador)
16. Fly v2/infinite stamina (NEEDS TO RESET) (Prison life)
17. Climb mode (when you climb something your character starts with a infinite climbing animation)
18. Snake mod
19. Teleport up (when your character touches ground get teleported up)
20. Light respawn (force field will be bigger than the default one
21. Remove all the animations of the character
22. Undeground (When jumping the character get stuck in the ground)
23. Speed hack (CAN CRASH)
24. Slim body
25. cannot destroy your body
26. freeze camera (freeze your camera in the activation position)
27. More lights
28. no body (if doesnt work reset your character)
29. no arms (if doesnt work reset your character)
30. no legs (if doesnt work reset your character)
31. changes map color
32. chams (wallhack)
33. chams normal
34. Wireframe
35. chams red
36. chams blue
37. chams green
38. chams alpha
39. Line sky (draw lines on sky)
40. Draw crosshair
41. Change crosshair color A
42. Change crosshair color B
43. Change crosshair color C
44. Second chams
45. Xray2D
EXECUTOR: (only lvl 2)(only luac scripts executable)

Pass Unlock: Nervous

Cre: polarmods

A diverse and expansive game platform

ROBLOX is known for its richness and diversity according to each player with many different factors, giving players many choices and great experiences. The exciting thing about this game is creating mini-games with different styles and elements, increasing the variety for the players. In addition, all players worldwide can work together to create them through the server system, and the popular content is displayed on the homepage, and players can invite their friends to join the game together. Besides, each server will be completely different and have distinct gameplay, i.e., action, entertainment, RPG, casual, survival, simulation, etc. ROBLOX is especially developed on all platforms to interact with each other or even play cross-play freely.

Attractive features

A flexible and intuitive control mechanism

In order to quickly adapt to the environment and variety of gameplay, players will have access to a rich and different control mechanism, especially since each player can automatically control everything. What is more, players can join with other players or even invite their friends to accompany or confront each other at different events through online play, and it is integrated into the ROBLOX game. With a simple approach, players can quickly adapt and interact with teammates by adjusting the controls through the characters' gestures. In addition, ROBLOX will be inclined towards mobile development and cross-play mechanics, helping everyone enjoy a fair environment.

Personalize many features on the game library

Each player will have their progress stored on the private libraries of the most recent servers they played when participating in ROBLOX. In addition, each server's progress will be saved so players can re-match without any problems with the level. Players can tweak performance and interactivity on each server, and the ROBLOX player makes personalization and tweaking of the library a must. In particular, when coming to ROBLOX, players will experience and immerse themselves in happy moments with the game world thanks to the constant updating and innovation of content to help players experience. Lots of surprises without getting bored.


Enjoy the character design and creation

When participating in ROBLOX, it must be mentioned that the character creation system is awe-inspiring and attractive, giving players a wide choice of characters through the richness and diversity of design. Through each level, players will unlock new content, including hairstyles, jewellery, costumes, and other details for the character design. Because of this, it helps players become more and more excited and determined in unlocking new content. They also have the opportunity to dress in outstanding costumes with unique designs unique when participating in different activities in the game. What is more, players will be provided with a very convenient function so that players can save character sets in other presets that players want.


Design, create and build

With ROBLOX, every player can exercise their creativity and use them flexibly by creating a healthy playing field for players to enjoy the best of the game. In addition, players will be introduced to design, tuning, coding, building design system, and much more. In particular, players can create their server and design it however they want. Otherwise, players can take advantage of the expansion system, which has many things for players to explore, so it helps people satisfy their curiosity and explore building a whole new world together with friends. Thanks to the provision of convenient tools for players to develop more images on the server known as ROBLOX.


Intuitive interactive features

ROBLOX is known for the interaction between the characters, the flexibility, and precision in the expression combined with the sense of humour, even though they only have a block shape. Furthermore, the game also uses 3D graphics to make everything stand out vividly and highly eye-catching, along with the combination with lighting effects to increase the experience for players. The game has a vast library system with a lot of interesting and funny content, and ROBLOX also has a unique design through cross-play mode, so emotional factors are of top concern. Besides, players will be interacting with other players through a friendly user interface.
Coming to ROBLOX, you will have a great experience with many interesting things besides the content that is constantly renewed and regularly updated with costumes, emotes, and premium features. Therefore, ROBLOX has created a healthy playground for everyone around the world.
What are you waiting for without enjoying the exciting things only at ROBLOX!
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