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Pokémon GO, the most anticipated game of the year, launched in Australia and New Zealand yesterday and created a global craze because the gameplay is so different and exciting compared to other games. With content revolving around human adventures with diverse ecosystems and many creatures, especially the ability to interact with players in real-time. When participating in Pokémon GO, players can chat with friends while enjoying the play error to participate in many activities worldwide. In addition, Pokemon will randomly appear around the player, so the player will have to catch and search and super tap continuously.

The journey to catch Pokémon is everywhere

When participating in Pokémon GO, players will experience controlling virtual characters to find and catch Pokemon, and they will appear everywhere in the world. In other words, players will go everywhere, using the Poké Ball to find and capture Pokémon along the way, and different types of Pokémon live in different areas. For example, water-type Pokémon will be near rivers or seas. Thanks to virtual reality technology and the blending of fantasy elements into the real world through the camera on the player's device. All of these factors help players experience a genuine feeling in the process of finding and catching Pokemon. In addition, each player will be provided with a radar to use to search for Pokemon and track the player's location to generate Pokemon randomly.

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Attractive features

Collect Pokémon with augmented reality mode

The journey to capture Pokemon is also not easy, especially when the player collides with any pokemon in different environments. All Pokemon will be in battle-ready mode until the conditions are met, then you can proceed to catch them. What is more, the player must also be skillful to flick the poke balls correctly to hit the target to trigger the pokemon capture process. Besides, there are many types of Pokemon; each type will have different characteristics, so we must have a suitable strategy to capture them. External environmental factors will also affect the process of the game fight and capture of Pokemon. In finding and catching Pokemon, players will be provided with novel mechanical tools. They will be constantly updated, bring many surprises to players, help players become trainers well, and capture more pokemon.

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Discover various great features

Coming to Pokémon GO, players can enjoy a game of exploring and finding Pokemon and capturing them to the fullest through the AR system applied to the gameplay, giving players an incredibly immersive experience. In addition, players will be able to interact with Pokemon or with many other players in the surrounding area and many other unexpected new functions. Players will be playing online so they can interact and exchange all their information and resources together. What is more, the game always creates many different events so that players can participate in attractive events in this game world, and this is an opportunity for players to show the power of their Pokemon. In particular, after each level up for Pokemon, players will receive many different valuable rewards or be equipped with additional functions so that Pokemon can progress further.

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Chill and enjoy your Pokémon

These lovely Pokemon will help players have relaxing moments, can even consider them as their pets, and players will have the opportunity to interact with Pokemon. In particular, thanks to the AR system and taking advantage of the camera, helping players to recover Pokemon or even directly perform actions with them right on the screen. Coming to Pokémon GO, players will experience an extremely vivid and realistic virtual world through beautiful 3D graphics and perfectly built images; all these elements bring a sense of entertainment and relaxation to the world players. There are also virtual food stores that players can visit and buy them to eat in the game, helping pokemon level up.

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Fight with friends in exciting battles

To create more fun for players, Pokémon GO is regularly updated with new activities so that players can experience with friends in all matches, such as horseback riding. These activities can help players interact with each other to support each other in battles, especially can chat with each other via voice. The combination brings many benefits to the player and is very important, typically the stacking effect, to create the most impressive combos. At the same time, when players participate in raids that will help unlock many new elements, this is considered a good opportunity for Pokemon to exchange fighting skills for each Pokémon element. What is more, every week, there are new events organized around the world for players to participate in, and this is the best chance for players to get rich and rare rewards to help Pokemon evolve.

Enjoy PvP matches with friends

Similar to the animated Pokémon movies, the battles of the trainers are always the most attractive and internal; the tactical element always impresses everyone, and this Pokémon GO game is no exception. Besides, the game always organizes tournaments to participate in online battles with other players everywhere. All coaches will create a friendly environment by balancing ability and fighting power. Furthermore, after each tournament, finding the top rankings of the match will receive valuable and unique rewards to help Pokemon go further.

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Thanks to AR technology, helping players have a great experience finding and capturing Pokemon around the world. The game will be regularly updated with content to make everything new and not make players bored when players join.
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