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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
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Coming to My Time at Portia, you will become young entrepreneurs by building and developing your farm. What is more, when participating in My Time at Portia, you will be transformed into a boy who comes to the very poetic city of Portia, and the goal that you want to go to is to restore your father's factory. Besides fulfilling your wishes, you have to face many ironic situations and a multitude of different challenges. Therefore, you will never get bored when you build your production base and become a talented craftsman.

New and fascinating story

With well-invested content through building a compelling plot and interesting details, this helps My Time at Portia be known by many people and attract many participants. Specifically, when participating in My Time at Portia, players will transform into a boy dreaming of restoring the old factory forgotten in the past. Therefore, players will experience problems in life and help players understand more about the jobs that revolve around careers for success that this game brings.


In addition, in the process of realizing my dream, there will be many challenges and difficulties in achieving the desired goal. When moving to the city of Portia, players will have many competitors in search of ingredients and uncover all the mysteries in the town. The player's main task is to craft or reinvent tools and use them to rebuild structures one - post-apocalyptic towns. With this mission, players can use their creativity to design and manufacture the most modern machines to support movement and production. It is considered the main and most important task while participating in My Time at Portia.


Gameplay and Attractive features

Start discovering a unique life

When you start participating in My Time at Portia, you will be introduced to and provided with all information about the city of Portia by a player named Presley, who works in the city's trade association. Besides, the player will play the role of a boy and go to a poor town, and at the same time get lost to start a completely new life. In addition to playing, they will perform jobs such as livestock, farming, and construction.
Throughout participating in My Time at Portia, there will be many challenges set up continuously, and players must perform and complete them. However, the player needs to pass the test first to receive the certificate from the assembly. These challenges will have different levels, and they will gradually increase in difficulty as the player unlocks more and more missions. In addition, players will be provided with various items to reopen the workshop or craft. Players will also receive items if the player completes challenges or reaches a new level.


Join in many exciting activities

My Time at Portia will bring you many exciting experiences besides performing daily tasks such as breeding, farming, or rebuilding factories; the unique point is that the game also has many festivals. Festivals take place in cities so you can socialize and make friends, and maybe chat or even exchange experiences in building and restoring cities. In addition, after completing all the tasks, you will receive the corresponding number of points, and you will have the opportunity to be promoted if you accumulate enough points.
What is more, so that players do not get bored, they can experience and explore enjoyable shipbuilding activities or even take care of and carefully groom their appearance to participate in different activities. In addition, discovering the activities or mysteries of this town helps players know more interesting things in My Time at Portia. All these factors will create attraction and excitement for players and make surprises and novelties for players, helping you never get bored even if you don't play for a long time.


Although My Time at Portia is an entertaining game, you can experience many exciting things related to entrepreneurship in a fun and exciting way. Moreover, My Time at Portia has a simple interface that makes it easy for players to access, with simple gameplay errors along with joyful sound, especially extremely beautiful graphics that have been cleverly designed, helping the market the town of Portia has wonderfully come to life. All factors help players have great experiences and have relaxing moments when participating in My Time at Portia.
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