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Mod infoUnlimited Coins/Star
UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
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When it comes to the cat Tom, everyone will probably know My Talking Tom, which is a familiar and popular game worldwide. The manufacturer constantly innovates and updates so that people don't get bored and want to play with them. That's why Tom is becoming more popular, thanks to the newness of playing with them through this completely new version of My Talking Tom 2. This version will take advantage of the value base of the old version while improving the limitations and refreshing them, so My Talking Tom 2 is considered a promising version to bring players a lot of experience. Besides, My Talking Tom 2 was also released by the producer Outfit7 Limited.

My Talking Tom 2 is developed on all platforms such as iOS and Android so that all players can experience exciting adventures. Surely people will not be able to resist the attraction that this game brings, so many people will install and discover the exciting things that My Talking Tom 2 brings.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Star

The unique story of the cat series

Coming to My Talking Tom 2, you will also have a pet Tomcat, and you will be the one to take care of your lovely cat like a nanny. As mentioned, this version will take advantage of the good points of the old version, such as the cute and funny winking, and along with different emotions. The interesting thing here is that the cat tomcat will remember everything you say, then will say it back with a charming tone. Therefore, helping you and your cat bond more closely, you will feel comfortable and have relaxing moments with your lovely cat.


Similar to the previous version, you will take care of them from a young age and perform tasks like a natural pet. For example, when it is hungry, you have to feed it, clean and bathe the cat when the cat is dirty and clean and decorate the room space to be gorgeous with many different styles, or even change every day. Especially, don't forget to shop for pretty clothes for them. To have a lot of money to buy things and decorate the house, you need to join Tomcat to participate in games to earn extra income, and this helps you relax and have moments of entertainment with the lovely cat. Besides, Talking Tom 2 will have many new improvements and provide new contents for players to experience.

Gameplay and Attractive features

Some special features of the new version

With this version upgrade, Tomcat will bring you more exciting experiences with upgraded content. With an eye-catching user interface and highly vivid 3D effects, and brings many attractive experiences to players. Besides, you can participate in mini-games with your cat so that you can earn a lot of money to buy many items you like, and these games are extremely diverse such as solving puzzles or even playing action games.


In particular, when you participate in My Talking Tom 2, after each upgrade, you will have the opportunity to own a plane ticket to travel to explore the world; this is also different from the previous version. This new feature will surely attract many players to join and experience Tom's aircraft to search and bring great treasures to decorate Tom's house.

Great version with MOD Full Money

What is more, with the attractive feature of unlimited money in the game, you will have a lot of money to serve for daily activities such as eating, living, and entertainment without being limited under any of the same issues as before. With the "infinite money" function, players can experience things more simply than ever, so you can buy more food to feed your cat comfortably without worrying about any problems or any topic. And to be able to experience this desirable feature, immediately download the version of My Talking Tom 2 MOD Full Money to discover this exciting thing.


Amazing and new experience

Besides, you are also provided with the "healing" feature, which is considered a big difference compared to the old version. It can be said that My Talking Tom 2 faithfully describes the details that take place in the process of taking care of Tom; sometimes, they will have some health problems such as being sick. It would be best to find a way to treat Tom by choosing the right medicine to treat them. In particular, with this improvement of My Talking Tom Mod Apk, you will not need to wait for the real cat to wake up to play with you, thanks to the new diamond potion function, which helps Tom recover 100% of his health. So you can freely explore many exciting things with your cat without worrying about Tom's bedtime.


My Talking Tom 2 is highly suitable for those who love animals, adorable cats, through attractive features integrated into Tom's cat, such as blinking back his lovely voice. Therefore, take the time to experience and relax with your beautiful cat.
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