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Mod infoFree Purchase / VIP 7 Activated / Instant Receipt / Fast Level Up
UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperMelsoft Games
CategorySimulation ,

Do you want to have a busy and exciting job?
Then the game of the management simulation genre will be an extremely appropriate and most attractive choice. You will experience a sense of busyness during peak hours. To experience these exciting things, My Cafe will be an exciting game for you. This game offers an experience as a cafe manager with a beautiful oriental and western design style. Players will have an excellent opportunity to explore various coffee shops in many famous locations worldwide and transform into a creator in making the most tempting desserts.

MOD Info

  • Coins and diamonds are spent! (as in the original game)
  • Instant receipt of ingredients;
  • Some VIP level 7 features are available (if you need a fully working VIP – buy it for real money in the official version);
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, in which you can enable:
  1. fast level increase (after gaining any amount of experience, wait for the level up window to appear)
  2. fast movement of personnel.
  3. fast movement of visitors.

Exciting features


Intuitive and eye-catching graphics

Surely you will be surprised and impressed by the graphics of My Cafe. With a combination of elegant images, you are bringing a fun and exciting atmosphere to the management and operation of the cafe. Players will discover many extraordinary things such as diverse characters, beautiful spaces, sophisticated and modern architecture, all of which create captivating content. As you interact with features and your surroundings, everything changes to match your actions. A game about a cafe is definitely to mention that the food and drinks here are designed to be extremely attractive and look delicious. Surely players will be addicted to these foods and beverages because of their excellent design.

Attractive and simple management style

Coming to My Cafe, you will be transformed into an extremely busy service worker with the cafe's work. Players manage their beautiful cafe and can manually mix each drink or create the most delicious food to serve according to their customers' requirements. My Cafe will give you a way to make the most unique and beautiful drinks and dishes.
Along with managing and serving your dear guests well, you need to take care of and upgrade your coffee shop. You can choose new and more sophisticated furniture pieces or create a unique design look for your cafe. Not only that, but you can also participate in many attractive events and will have the opportunity to receive many great rewards.


Discover a variety of new desserts

There will be many guests, and each person will have different requirements, and your job is to make the dish well served to them. This will be a good opportunity for you to make some of the most unusual dishes and sweets worldwide. Players will have control over the ingredients, and you should prepare the best dish possible. Depending on the requirements of the customer, you need to prepare your ingredients accurately and thoroughly. In addition, you can be unique and create a surprise for your guests. Upgrading the food preparation area and improving the execution speed will make it possible for you to receive multiple orders at once. Everything will become highly flexible, and customers do not need to wait too long.

Decorate with many different beautiful styles

The decoration element is an integral part of simulation games, and My Cafe will give you a beautiful decoration implementation experience. With a wide range of new and exciting content, players will create and explore each different theme's design freely. Depending on the environment or the season, players need to decorate and design their restaurant with different styles, which will help attract more customers. In particular, when completing the set tasks, players will have the opportunity to receive more attractive and beautiful restaurant designs.


Expanding the coffee shop business chain

Your business will be further expanded and developed by building a chain of cafes and restaurants in many locations worldwide. It is worth mentioning that My Cafe possesses dynamic content because you can make many dishes in many different places. Not only that, but the processing method is also highly unique depending on the type of dish. For those passionate about mixing and cooking, it will be exciting because My Cafe also offers a variety of highly authentic and attractive cooking tools.

Discover many attractive utilities

Customers will get angry if you keep them waiting too long, so preparing a dish as quickly as possible is a top choice. In order not to delay, you can explore My Cafe's in-depth upgrade system, and players will discover and experience a series of the fascinating things that a chef and bartender. After experiencing many turns, you will be able to unlock more exciting content. Especially in each restaurant, you will experience a very different upgrade system, so your task is to invest and learn many new things to get as much money as possible.


My Cafe gives you exciting and new gameplay and gives you fascinating knowledge about mixing and cooking.

What are you waiting for without discovering My Cafe right now!


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