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If you are a fan of action and FPS genres, you should not miss "Modern Combat 5". This will be a super game that will satisfy millions of fans worldwide. Modern Combat 5 is a game of the Action genre and published by Gameloft.
This game brings a series of novel features and thrilling gameplay, and players will enjoy the maximum feeling of greatness with a theatrical form of armed combat. Surely the epic shooting phase and a series of high-tech weapons in Modern Combat 5 will make you feel more excited than ever.
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  • The enemy stood still

Fascinating storyline

Modern Combat 5 gives you a completely immersive experience, as this is an armed combat game, and the scenes in this game are taken from many major cities around the world. An extra character in Modern Combat 4 is named Cayden Phoenix, and this character will now become the main character in Modern Combat 5.
At the beginning of the game, the main character will be assigned a noble task to prevent the terrorist group from transporting destructive weapons. And these terrorist figures are called the World Liberation Army. The campaign begins, and you will be transformed into a great gunman of Gilman Security and accompanied by other characters such as Isaac Tukura and Sophie Daviau.
When participating in Modern Combat 5, players will enjoy tense moments and fiery battles. Keep in mind that your mission is to destroy a series of enemies and prevent the dangers from affecting human life.
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How to play?

Before participating in battles, you need to pay attention to a few issues and adjust the control system to best suit. Specifically, you can change the position of the "shoot" and "aim" buttons to make it more reasonable, and it is best to have them located on two different sides to avoid you pressing the wrong one. Not only that but changing this button position also helps you practice good reflexes when playing and easy to manage your buttons.
In addition, the automatic system of Modern Combat 5 is also a factor that you must pay attention to. Automatic fire mode will help you save bullets and increase the reaction to make the shot more accurate.
Crouch - hide mode will help you avoid bullets and can hide behind particular objects. So you will be able to easily observe the enemy and give the right time to attack.
In particular, you need to know the map if you want to improve your win rate. Not only that, when you know the terrain well, the response, vision, or any obstacle you can handle, and the battle will go much smoother.

Gameplay and Attractive features


Modern Combat 5 includes 11 character classes, including Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Recon, Bounty Hunter, Support, Kommander, Tracker, Sapper, Marauder, and X1-Morph. Each character class has its unique characteristics and a series of specialized weapons for each special move. So you need to rely on this character class to choose the complementary skills or accessories to increase strength.


Rank up

Try to accumulate as much XP to be able to rank up and raise your level. Participating in solo play, Battle Royale, or team battles will help you collect many XP for yourself. Getting a higher level will help you unlock more powerful weapons.

Multiplayer mode

Modern Combat 5 belongs to the first-person shooter genre, and this is a style of play that is too familiar to gamers. The battles were highly harsh with chaos, gunfire, bombs, many destroyed items, and much more.


There are three game modes to enjoy: Campaign highlights, Spec Ops Mission, and Multiplayer. Every experience in Modern Combat 5 will never be boring when you can freely switch between many game modes if you want quickly. Don't forget to upgrade or customize your weapon equipment or accessories to make them more versatile.
To increase the game's attractiveness, you will face a group of opponents from 2 to 6 people at the climax of the game screen. This will be a beautiful challenge for you, and if you win, they will surely reward you and have many attractive things ahead for you. But to do this, you need to be most attentive and skilful to avoid being damaged, leading to defeat.


Game quality


The designer of Modern Combat 5 has a high investment in graphic quality, which is reflected in every detail of the game. 3D graphics bring an eye-catching and deep impression to players. The game's effects are also very vivid and realistic, such as splashing sparks, smoke, explosions, flying debris, sunlight, and many other things. All these excellent graphic details have created an awe-inspiring picture that makes players mesmerized. Not only that, but the game also integrates a highly intuitive interface and is highly customizable.



Lively and attractive sound helps create maximum inspiration for players. The sounds are described in detail, such as running, gunfire, character cries, being shot down, and much more. Thanks to the combination of sounds, the game feels like a movie, and players also enjoy a great game like never before.

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