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Unlimited Money

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
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If you are interested or interested in music, then Magic Tiles 3 will be a perfect game for you. Coming to Magic Tiles 3, you will experience highly famous and popular music works worldwide on piano music created by you by stretching your hands on the keyboard. This game is considered significant, and especially you can experience it on your mobile phone entirely for free. Furthermore, players will be attracted by the wonderful sounds and engaging gameplay to recreate extremely famous songs through the sounds derived from the piano. Now you can manually play your favourite songs with Magic Tiles 3.

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Heart

MOD V2 Info


  1. Auto Perfect
  2. Slow down 50%
  3. No Ads
  4. Unlimited Money
  5. Unlimited Diamond

Rule of Magic Tiles 3

When participating in Magic Tiles 3, you will experience extremely simple gameplay like other piano-related games, and the rules are not complicated. When playing on the player's screen, white and black tiles will appear, and the player only needs to touch the black tiles. The speed will also increase gradually, so the screen will scroll faster and faster, and you need to adjust the pressing speed of the right quickly. On the other hand, you have violated if you hit the white squares, you will lose immediately. At the same time, you have to make sure that you do not miss any black squares, or in other words, you cannot jump forward. If you violate this rule, your level will be ended immediately.


Gameplay and Attractive features

Diverse music world and hottest songs

Coming to Magic Tiles 3, you will be fascinated by extremely attractive music. You will even hear the songs of famous musicians from all over the world provided by game makers for you to experience from classical music to EDM music or even Latin music. This will suit the mood and preferences of all participants, and players can easily choose their favourite genre. Therefore, players will have fascinating experiences and have relaxing moments with Magic Tiles 3. What is more, Magic Tiles 3 can also ease your mood when you feel sad or have problems in life, and music is the best tool to soothe your spirit.
In addition, Magic Tiles 3 always updates regularly and continuously with the latest and hottest songs on the charts to give players the best experience. Therefore, players will always feel relaxed and comfortable when experiencing Magic Tiles 3 without ever getting bored. Besides, you will have a whole new experience, when you can enjoy your favourite music on the piano background and feel like you are making your songs, and at the same time, you can Train your reaction speed when you have to touch the black words without touching the white buttons by mistake.


Explore the jump keys

As with any game, when you first start playing, you will feel nervous and afraid of making mistakes; the Magic Tiles 3 game is no exception. To help reduce anxiety when you're just starting, you should choose your favourite songs to play, and when you're just starting, these songs are usually at a moderate pace to get you used to the keys "jumping" on your hands, and you will feel this more clearly when you touch the black buttons. Plus, you'll feel like you've become a musician with the keys you control to create great tunes.

Tap on the colour squares

Magic Tiles 3 has a simple interface that makes it easy for players to experience. Specifically, there will be consecutive square blocks appearing with two colours, black and white. The game rule is that the player can only touch the tiles black until the song's end, and the speed will gradually increase. Especially when you move with faster speed, it is easy to win, and vice versa if you choose to aim at the white box, the game will end immediately. Besides, in the process of playing, there will also be a climax; more blue cells appear, touch, and hold until the blue no longer appears. In addition, players should also pay attention to the cells near the end of their turn to avoid choosing to aim, so you need to be careful when touching the cells not to make mistakes. If you finish handling all the black and blue boxes will help you create a piece of extremely smooth and smooth music.

Explore multiple game modes

Usually, if you want to practice or relax, you can choose a one-player mode and select your favourite song to chill. Besides, you can go with your friends to compete with each other through the two-player mode, which helps you and your friends find the winner. You can increase your competitiveness gradually by choosing from simple to difficult hands, and you must be careful not to make unexpected mistakes. Therefore, to be able to win, you must first be careful.


Unique rewards

The difference from other games is that Magic Tiles 3 will have valuable "diamonds" for the winner, and what's more interesting is that you will have your records on each track. And this will delight you much more than the rewards; establishing discipline will help you work your way up through each play. In addition, after each win, you can unlock any song, or you can buy some of your favourite songs through the diamonds you have, so try to get a unique gift.

Participate in VIP Features

You can experience Magic Tiles 3 for free, along with many attractive features. Besides, now Magic Tiles 3 has been upgraded with a VIP feature; with this feature, you will not be bothered by any ads, and you can even unlock 5000 of the hottest songs instantly. In particular, you will be able to play continuously and be revived for free without exchanging diamonds.
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