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Damage Multiplier/God Mode

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperHeroCraft Ltd.
CategoryStrategy ,

The story of the war between gangsters has never ceased to be hot. If you are a lover of these fascinating stories, then come to "Mafioso: Mafia 3v3". This exciting game will take you to discover the story of a mafia boss gang with many exciting details.
Gunfights, clashes, or territorial struggles in Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 are sure to get you excited. To develop your might, you need to recruit as many criminals to join your gang as possible. And now let's discover many exciting things in the war between clans in Gangster Paradise and gangsters in Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 Mod Apk!

MOD Info

  • Damage multiplier [x1 – x1000]
  • God mode

Description of Mafioso: Mafia 3v3

Coming to this game, you will be living in a city with hundreds of gangsters and clans in Gangster Paradise. Arguing, gunfights, or clashes are commonplace in this place. And it would be best if you recruited as many criminals to join your gang.
Your mission in Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 is to turn your criminal organization into the most powerful gang. So, in addition to recruiting a series of other crimes characters, you also need to perform tasks such as shooting and bombing opponents.



The gameplay of Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 is also quite simple, and any player can easily explore. The most important goal is to turn your criminal gang into a powerful group and head the criminal organizations. Throughout the journey, you will have to clash with other criminal groups and shoot them down or throw bombs to attack. In addition, it is also necessary to collect more criminal characters for them to join their organization. With the turn-based gacha RPG genre, you can unleash hand-to-hand combat with opponents.

Attractive features


Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 will give you a series of characters with different pasts and what you need to choose the exemplary character. In each character will have their own characteristics, skills, weapons, and features. These include a waiter with an AK, a cowboy with a shotgun, an older man with a long gun, and many other characters. After forming an assassin team, you can freely conquer the place without being afraid of any opponent.

Join the battle

When the fight takes place in the form of 1 vs 1 you need to choose the most robust character in your gang to defeat the opponent immediately. At the bottom of the main screen is information about each character's weapon; you need to pay attention to this to come up with a reasonable strategy. The top of each head will display a health bar, and this will be a factor that helps you determine the character's fighting power. Make the most of your character's abilities, such as throwing bombs, throwing knives, or firing guns quickly to defeat opponents.


Upgrade characters and weapons

Characters and weapons are significant factors, and each character or weapon has its own unique feature. So you need to consider carefully to come up with the best strategy. Specifically, Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 gives you a series of beautiful characters and weapons; you will be able to buy more attractive new characters through many levels. Not only that, but you can also upgrade them over time.
At the end of each battle, you will collect cards, and these cards will help you increase the fighting power of your characters. In addition, you can also use cards to upgrade weapons. The stronger the weapon, the faster the enemy will be destroyed.


Build a strong squad

Coming to Mafioso: Mafia 3v3, you will be involved in epic PvP battles; this is a fiery battle that takes place between clans. Try to build yourself the most potent squad to be able to defeat many other criminal gangs. Just go through a few rounds, and you can immediately grasp the game's pace, and then it's time to unleash your power.


Diverse environment

Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 gives players a variety of different combat environments and terrains. With a fun new shape and a series of exciting locations that will surely satisfy players. After each battle, if you are the winner, this city will be yours. You can then continue to lead your gang to fight in many other locations to expand the influence of your clan. In addition, you can open a lot of chests containing gifts and cards if you win many stages.

Game quality


Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 is designed with fascinating and impressive images. Specifically, the characters in the game are designed quite interesting, funny, and fancy. You can see interesting characters like the older man with a thin figure or an ugly zombie, the young man with an impressive hairstyle, and many others. The context in the game is also diverse, and unique such as the pier, the airport, the cemetery, the island, and many other places. Although the battles in Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 are highly fierce and tense, the game always incorporates humorous elements to make players feel more enjoyable.


The sound in this game is awe-inspiring by the beautiful background music. Not only that, there are noises such as the sound of cards being drawn, gunshots, talking, or changing buttons. In this game, it is worth mentioning that in addition to slashing and shooting each other, the characters in the game can also let out incredibly authentic curses. The cursing sounds like a real gangster bumping into each other in real life. Not only that, but you can also communicate by text message with your gang friends.

Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 Mod Apk Is a very cool game but no less funny. Surely this will be an attractive entertainment game for you!
Download and explore Mafioso: Mafia 3v3 Mod Apk now!


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