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Unlimited Money

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperIronhide Game Studio
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Indeed you will be surprised because the Tower Defense game is re-appeared with a very new look and name Kingdom Rush Origins. You will be taking on a considerable task to protect the mysterious forest from the attacks of invading monsters. With a series of attractive and exciting challenges, players will display all their fighting skills.

MOD V1 Info

  • Unlimited Money (After entering the game, select “Slot 1”)

MOD V2 Info


  1. Kill the enemy to get a super high diamond reward (open before entering the level)
  2. Tower damage is huge (open before entering the level)
  3. All heroes are available
  4. You can buy and buy without diamonds

Attractive feature

Discover a series of impressive matches

A fantasy world will appear, and the player will live in that world. That place has the presence of unique races, and you are a member of those characters. To understand and discover the story and wonders of this world, you need to go through many fascinating challenges. It is worth mentioning that this is a somewhat troublesome world because there are always many random battles happening, and your task is to fight and defeat them to protect this mysterious forest.
To get deeper into the more attractive levels on the map, you need to win each round, and from there, your status will also gradually increase. You have a mission with a shield represented, and you need to avoid the penetration of enemies attacking your area. You will experience more exciting things at Kingdom Rush Origins.


Transform into the guardian of the mysterious forest

Your main goal in Kingdom Rush Origins is to protect and prevent the entry and attack of enemies into the area. The shield icon will help you quickly see the level and are saved. In particular, unsigned roads will be where people will appear and go into the forest, so you must know these issues well. To signal the arrival of the enemy, you can notice the phenomenon of two circles appearing on different routes, which will signal the location where the enemy begins to move. Pay attention and prepare to fight before they come.
With the appearance of some empty round squares on either side of the path, there will be many tower options that you can choose and use them. However, each type of tower will have its uses corresponding to your different needs and tactics, so selecting the most suitable style is necessary. In addition, a price is also an option you need to pay attention to when choosing. Try to prepare well for the battle! Because there will be a certain amount of time for you to prepare yourself before the fight occurs.


Because each type of tower will have different features and characteristics, you need to consider and choose the most accurate way. A weak defence line will be broken by the enemy and fierce attack at any time. So building a solid defence is essential; you can build towers in many different positions to block all their paths. In the types of battle towers, there will be a type of tower that produces a small number of soldiers; when the enemy approaches and encounters these soldiers, the enemy will stop at that location. So it would be best if you put a tower with the ability to summon minions plus another attack tower to make your battle preparation more effective.

Unlock and discover the hero's power

The strategies outlined above will be a great guide to your fighting style, but you can still create many more groundbreaking strategies. In addition, you also need to solve some situations during the game and can use hero skills to fight. After building the towers for the battle, you are also accompanied by a hero and his excellent skills you can also use. With great skills, you can instantly use and attack your enemies.


To make the tower more solid, you can summon more forces to support it; simultaneously, you can also attack the enemy by shooting a series of arrows. With lightning strikes killing enemies will be a great skill, but it requires a specific cooldown, so you can only use it in some instances. In particular, after many matches, you can unlock more heroes, and each hero will have unique functions to help you fight better.

Conquer many interesting challenges

You will have many opportunities to face a series of different difficult enemies, and your mission is to win and defeat them. Your levels of play will improve, and the difficulty will also increase, so try to get skills as strong as possible. Waves of enemies will appear and attack you at each level, so you need to pay attention to prepare for that. Specifically, those enemies can be mentioned as stronger enemies, enemies that can create a different appearance path.


In addition to making good use of your hero skills, you also have to invest in your tower. With the money collected in the matches, you can use it to increase the power of the building. But this needs to be done deliberately and reasonably because it will cost you quite a lot of money. Before performing the upgrade, you need to do thorough research, review, and choose the proper form for you when upgrading. You will see a completely new and impressive power when the towers are upgraded and combined.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins now to discover this series of exciting things!


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