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Mod infoMax EXP/Comment/Auto Play/Free Rewards
UpdatedOct 28, 2021 (12 hours ago)
DeveloperSunbeesoft Co.
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Coming to Idol Queens of K-Pop, you will have the opportunity to become idol trainers and trainers. With this game, you will experience the training to create idols, giving you the freedom to indulge your passion and show your talents to develop talented idols. Besides, when participating in the game, you will enjoy the relaxing moments that Idol Queens of K-Pop brings, with a fun space and attracting many participants, so what are you waiting for without participating in Idol Queens of K-Pop.

MOD V1 Info

  • Autoplay (no pay)
  • Never stress
  • Never fatigue
  • Unlimited schedule

MOD V2 Info

  • You can get free things without viewing ads (for example, on the map in the Business section, click on the building on the left with the money icon to open a menu with rewards for viewing ads).

How to bypass checking

Bypass checking at the beginning of the game by the following way:

  1. Download games from Play Store
  2. After you have installed the original, please uninstall it
  3. Install MOD and enjoy

Explore the idol training game

With Idol Queens of K-Pop, players will be transformed into coaches and train their idols like Korean idol training companies. Players will recruit and train interns to become famous idols who are talented, stylish, and full of personality. What is more, players can also interestingly manage the company as a business operator, and you can also develop the company internationally to promote its reputation. At the same time, you can use your skills to help your management company grow more and more and become a reputable and prestigious company all over the world.

Attractive feature

Eye-catching and amazing 3D interface

First of all, you need to organize a trainee selection to select suitable and talented characters, then form a group to practice together. When participating in the training course, the characters will learn to develop their skills and promote their allies. Each player will have a unique shape and talents. Each character in Idol Queens of K-Pop is sketched and presented with highly realistic, unique, and eye-catching 3D images, which will make the game extremely impressive and attract players. In addition, the interface is also a highlight of Idol Queens of K-Pop, with a novel and striking design that attracts a large number of participants. All these factors help players enjoy a unique combination with captivating soundtracks to the fullest, allowing players to enjoy the beauty of their idols.

Talk and care about trainees

Idol Queens of K-Pop is designed to be entirely similar to existing training programs in the actual, so some problems happen in the training process. Therefore, you should feel free to share and clearly tell them your difficulties or concerns, talk to them and consider them as family members, and at the same time, you will also ask yourself and give helpful advice to help them solve problems, thereby helping them become more mature and better in the future. Furthermore, your daily practice will be recorded and returned to track and evaluate your practice through the feature of copying and recording all events, which also helps you review your process of becoming idols.


In order to increase the attraction and highlight for your idols, you need to invest in stylish looks for the characters that are neat and equally luxurious, or in other words, you should shape the personal style for each character. Your idol even has the right hairstyle and makeup style to create a harmonious and outstanding whole when appearing, essentially when appearing at significant events or conferences. In addition, you can take advantage of your fashion skills and knowledge to help the idols in more fashion.

Create your idols a comfortable and relaxing place to rest

After hours of intense and tiring practice, idols need rest and activities to regain energy, so you should choose a private and quiet room for them to have the most comfortable moments. In order to make the room more attractive, modern items or quality furniture will make the space more lively and valuable to idols. All these facilities will help them reduce fatigue, and at the same time, they can relax, entertain and overcome the pressure of work.


Besides training idols, you have a lot of work to do, and training characters to become idols is never easy. For example, you have to regularly take pictures of their practice or life events to create an album about them. You need to widely introduce the idol's information through social media channels to promote their image.

The most interesting and exciting moments

When participating in Idol Queens of K-Pop, there will be tasks for you to perform and complete. After completing these tasks, you will receive many valuable and attractive rewards. What is more, players can enjoy a unique and extremely interesting space, and the characters are also happy with a relaxed spirit. In particular, you can invite more friends to play with to compare who has the best idol training ability. However, you need to be careful to avoid bad situations happening, and you can control your uncle if you focus and are not subjective before the problems occur. Let's experience this exciting game with your friends.


Thanks to the uniqueness of the content and construction of the characters, which become the most popular game worldwide. In addition, in order not to be bored, you can also compete with many other competitors, and have the opportunity to make friends with them.
What are you waiting for without enjoying the exciting things only at Idol Queens of K-Pop!
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