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Unlimited Diamond/Money

UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperNanobit Games
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The appearance of Hollywood Story has brought a sense of extreme satisfaction to fans of beauty, fashion, and cinema. This is a beautiful and unique game released by Nanobit.com. If you've ever dreamed of becoming an A-list star, a model, an actor and wish to once set foot on famous red carpets in the world, with Hollywood Story, you can do it there. Life has never been so splendid when you enter a world of luxurious buildings, a world of money and luxury. All this feels like a dream, and now you can experience it with Hollywood Story.
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MOD Info

  • Diamond exchanges for money, the number of diamonds increased (the exchange can be found by clicking on money in the upper left).

Start building your Hollywood star career

At Hollywood Story, you will be transformed into a famous Hollywood leading actress. But every life needs a beginning, so you will have to go through many stages in the character's life, from the beginning to the location of success. In this game, your life will be divided into many different chapters, and in each chapter, there will be developments in your character's life. Specifically, you will transform into a young, beautiful, and visually striking girl with brown hair. A bright and beautiful look will help you turn your dreams into reality and start your outstanding career. In addition to taking care and investing in beauty, you also need to change and train the character to have the best personality.
The game offers many unique styles and fashions, such as youthful, glamorous, elegant, and polite. You can freely choose from a variety of styles, makeup, hair, and clothes. Be yourself, design the most beautiful and satisfying characters. Only then will you be confident and shine wherever you go.


Gameplay and Attractive features

Conquering an acting career

At Hollywood Story, to achieve a unique impression in the hearts of fans, you need to show your acting ability through cinematic works. You may get a few minor roles or supporting characters in movies in the early stages of your film career. But don't feel discouraged and lazy because of that. If you want to be successful, you must go step by step with certainty and quality. So try to put on good acting no matter what role you are taking on. In the future, you will receive more and more novel film projects, and from there, your acting talent will be greatly enhanced.
At some point, your reputation will resound and have a specific place in the showbiz world. Then you can think about exploring many other exciting areas that you find interesting. You think about being a model representing a prestigious fashion brand and then start striding the catwalk like a pro on the famous catwalk. In addition, you can try the experience of being a great singer with a sweet or burning voice, making how many passionate and shout your name. Moreover, you can also become a stylist, a very professional fashion designer with a series of unique fashion models with your brand.


Gather and interact with celebrities

The world of Hollywood is a highly luxurious and splendid place. In addition to beautiful places, you can meet many other famous personalities in the Hollywood world. What do you think about famous actors, talented and handsome singers, or a bunch of beautiful models? Hollywood Story will take you to big parties, epic events, and there you can meet and socialize with all the other celebs. And this is also an opportunity for you to show your class through your beautiful appearance and the most gorgeous outfits. This can shoot an arrow of love at someone, and they will fall for your beauty. If you do not feel interested in dates or parties, you can stay in your luxurious villa, enjoy a cup of tea and relax.


But when becoming a celebrity, at the same time, scandals will also come. All your deeds and actions are scrutinized by others, photographed, and discussed in all social networking communities. So get used to being stalked, and paparazzi will sneak pictures of you everywhere, even if these problems bother you and you feel a loss of freedom and privacy. But sometimes the fact that you are published online or in a magazine will also bring certain benefits. From there, fans can also know you more. Remember to be careful in all your actions because your negligence can lead to great trouble.

Make a lot of money

Be prepared for the media and press to surround you. Whenever you move somewhere, hundreds of reporters will cover you when you step out of the gate. In addition to the newspapers that publish good news about you, the tabloids will also appear. The more famous you are, the more comprehensive your career path, as hundreds of projects rush to work with you. Moreover, you can also earn a lot of money by participating in other models or singers. Your chances of getting rich will increase, and you have to enjoy a life of luxury like never before.


At Hollywood Story, in addition to working hard and running the show, you also need to pay attention to your relationships. Relationships will be an essential point in your career, and when there is a good relationship, there will be more helpful and job opportunities. It would help if you often went down the street with your friends, went for a walk, or talked to them and shared exciting things with them. In addition, you can expand your network with famous designers, build a great relationship, and they will invite you to represent their brand.


Your dream of becoming a celebrity has come true when participating in Hollywood Story. Enjoy the most luxurious and luxurious life with the splendid Hollywood world.
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