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UpdatedOct 27, 2021 (1 day ago)
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Drawing and colouring are beneficial recreational activities because it not only helps us promote our imagination but also helps to enhance the creativity of each individual. For artists, the drawing will be done most perfectly. But for some people who do not have the talent to draw a picture but desire to draw, Happy Color will be a great choice. Happy Color gives players the most detailed and creative colouring game, challenging players in images with different levels of ease and difficulty. Now we can both relax and explore our best friend's colour creativity.

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Games for all ages

Happy Color has no limitations on players because it provides a straightforward and intuitive interface that anyone can play. This game offers a series of different challenges with exciting and new drawings. Your task is to paint different colours on that picture to make it more vivid and beautiful.

Each drawing is drawn very carefully with clear lines; the content of the pictures is usually fascinating and lovely cartoon images. Make sure any age participating will feel relaxed, comfortable, and exciting by the adorable photos that Happy Color brings. You try to complete and fill all the gaps in the picture with the most appropriate colours to give the image the most perfect and excellent look.

Attractive feature

Explore a world of highly diverse and attractive colours

If you are not confident about your drawing skills?
Don't worry because this already has Happy Color, and this game will give you utterly understandable gameplay. Your job is to colour the colourless pictures with a variety of different themes. You do not need to draw, and you can also own the most beautiful and professional painting. This is an exciting game but equally challenging because of the level of detail that players have to go through in each different image.


Inspired by the images of famous Disney animated series, this game has brought players a series of attractive elements. It is not just a white picture, but it also has clear lines that have been divided for you to colour quickly. Your task is to repeat the appropriate colour intervals in each picture position, helping to bring the most harmony and truth to each picture.
But for players to get an accurate view and orient the right colours for the positions to be filled. The game has designed a series of numbers on each part of the image, and each colour will have a corresponding representative number. Specifically, you need to pay attention and use the correct colours with the indicated numbers to start your colouring work. Try to do the most meticulous colouring; after a few rounds of paint, you will gradually get used to and freely conquer the pictures with incredible difficulty.

The world of beautiful and diverse images

With a certain complexity, but the game is beautiful, players will be drawn to the pictures with difficulty from low to high. Each round of colouring will experience a different exciting concept. Indeed, the beauty of these pictures will make you more satisfied than ever. In addition, colouring many pictures also helps you relax interestingly and gently. If you're still a little slow in paint and it takes a long time to paint colour, don't worry because it's a normal thing.


Happy Color owns a vast and attractive image store; players will be attracted to every detail of exciting pictures. Each colouring circle will be shown a new photo with a different theme. Especially Happy Color owns the hottest visual trends about Disney and Marvel. From here, fans of Disney or Marvel can freely choose a character they love and start exploring for their colouring process.

Fun gameplay to experience

This is an exciting and highly entertaining game that everyone should try once. Whether you are using a device with high or low configuration, you can easily install this game. If the game experience on the device has a large screen, it will be even more attractive. From here, users no longer have to worry and can download Happy Color now.


With a modern combination of famous Disney and Marvel movies, players can access many novelties in the most specific way. Great inspirations will be gathered into each picture and colour at Happy Color.
Let's start colouring your first pictures. Complete your first work and conquer more challenging paintings.
Download and discover Happy Color now!


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