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Mod infoFree Shopping/Menu with many features
UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (1 week ago)
DeveloperZigZaGame Inc.
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We all have unique interests such as adventure to distant places and discover exciting things there. In particular, some people also love the unique feeling of discovery and experience into a magical, fairy, or magical world like the famous movie "Alice in Wonderland". Until now, you have only been able to watch these shimmering miracles on the TV screen, which will sometimes cause boredom because you can only watch but not touch anything in the movie. Now, everything will be even better when the appearance of Evertale will help you to role-play and transform into characters in an exciting, colourful, and impressive game.

MOD V1 Info

  • 100% chance on capture
  • Max team cost (no limit on putting heroes in the team)
  • Unlimited silvers

MOD V2 Info

  • Unlimited Money

Discover an exciting and unique storyline

Evertale takes you to a very new world with a combination of highly bright fairy styles. If you were only seen through the screen before, now you will be a character in this magical fairy world. The shimmering world inside Evertale can be called Erden, and it is a fairy-tale land cursed for a long time so far; this fairy curse is called Pandemonium. This curse is extremely dangerous because it is said that every 100 years, the world will have to bear a great tribulation and disaster. But considering the present, this danger has had many unexpected changes, it is no longer cyclical, but there have been changes in the number of years it occurs. It is possible that it was only after 18 years that Erden could have another similar disaster. While the world is chaotic, confused, and full of dangers, this will also be the time for heroes to appear and rise to fight with a mission to save the world from dangerous days and avoid extinction forever.


Discover unique features

A unique, flexible, and diverse gameplay

Above you have just experienced the beautiful plot of Evertale, now it will be time for you to start your exploration process in each exciting round. Players will have the primary goal of trying to fight all the dangers ahead to save the world from these dangers that are threatening. In the process of exploring and fighting, players will have to confront evil monsters, and what you need to do is defeat them as quickly as possible.
In addition, you will also meet creatures that can be recruited into your squad, using their talents to make the team fight together more vital than ever. So if you have the opportunity, immediately collect new warriors on your team. After ordering, these warriors will return and be trained and trained extremely carefully to become the best warriors. Confronting strange creatures not only gives you exciting experiences but also helps you gain more combat experience. The time has come for the world to need you and you to start this endless adventure, defeat evil forces, and bring peace to the world.


Lots of other fun modes

In addition to fighting and discovering the fascinating story of the cursed Erden world, players also experience various other exciting and unique game modes. Coming to Evertale, you will find 4v4 game mode; this game seems familiar, but it is unique and new in this game. To start playing in this mode, you need to prepare yourself with many special skills and apply the tactics you have learned and trained before to use in all situations fighting takes place. Your task in Evertale is to win and complete the assigned tasks. And to own the most potent battle squad, you need to try to defeat as many monsters as possible, from which you get more skills. In addition, violent training monsters will also help you get the best squad.


If you are a fan or addicted to fighting and adventure games, then Evertale will be an excellent choice for you. A magical world will be opened, and many fascinating things will begin. It is a fantasy world that you thought only existed in movies, now you can participate and become a character present in it. Besides the magic of Evertale, you also experience the blood of the thrilling battles every moment. Let's start the story, transform into brave warriors, gather all the monsters, and make them warriors of your team. Start the battle against evil and win for this magical land.


With a combination of exciting and unique online PvP, 4v4 game modes, this will be the place where strategists meet, combine, and compete against each other in each of the most intense rounds.
Do not hesitate any longer to discover the most exciting battles only in the magical world of Evertale!
Download and explore Evertale now!


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