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Explore the stunning fantasy world of Evertale while you embark on epic adventures with the amazing monsters. Explore the land of Erden in which you'll be introduced to vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes, epic dungeons and other enigmatic locations. Join the heroes on their quest to discover the power of characters from the fantasy world of Evertale and fight the forces of evil to save the world.

Engage in thrilling combats against your fierce heroes and monsters. Create your own Roosters with a group of capable players and allow them to assist you in your epic battles against Pandemonium. Explore the world of a million people Explore multiple places as you undertake multiple tasks, and enjoy the thrilling stories that accompany the adventures of Evertale.

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In the game Android players will be being taken into the eerie world of Evertale in which the mysterious creatures possessing incredible powers live as well as humans in various areas of the globe. The so-called monsters are found all over the globe and each possess their own special powers. Therefore, certain people utilize them as weapons against other monsters.

There are those who would like to become close to these creatures and make use of their talents for beneficial causes instead of fighting with each other. The players in Evertale are invited to join the adventure of a team of heroes while helping them battle the villains of Pandemonium. Explore the various areas of Evertale and recruit new players to your team, capture as well as train the creatures of your squad to boost them and go to the battles of a lifetime.

Take part in endless offline challenges, and join online players from all over the globe in massive multiplayer games. Play in the top leagues and join your guilds to enjoy more exciting game play.

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This page will provide all the thrilling features this game offers:

Explore a fascinating world filled with amazing stories to read

In Evertale, Android gamers will get to play the exciting and enjoyable gaming experience on smartphones. You can take on the most challenging challenge to catch monsters while embarking on your own journey through the many worlds of Erden.

As the land is plagued by an old curse the lives of people and creatures are frequently in danger due to Pandemonium the deadly shroud that is revealed in 100 years and can wreck havoc and devastate the land. The Crestbearers are believed to possess the ability to stop the Pandemonium. It's been a number of years since they last appeared in Erden.

The game lets you be on the adventures of two young heros on their quest to take down the evil forces. Learn about the power of creatures and with the help of new companions and allies, you'll be able fight the formidable Pandemonium. Find out the secrets of the past to bring an end to the chaos are caused by it at last and forever.

Create a team of awesome heroes and monsters

When you embark the ultimate trip to the world of Evertale players will get their chance to form their own squad of incredible monsters and heroes Each possessing their own unique strengths and capabilities. Utilize their diverse capabilities to build the ultimate team with incredible abilities for the team. You will be facing foes and monsters across the entire world. Alternate your strategy and tactics according to the opponent. You can take them down when you progress into the next challenge.

Enjoy the amazing catch 'em all game

If you're attracted, you'll end up having a blast playing the deep-dive game of catching monsters in Evertale. You'll be able to play with around 180 diverse species of monsters each with its individual abilities and powers. Additionally, you'll be able to play several monster evolutions for each one that is truly amazing.

You will be hooked by the narrative-driven game as you meet, train and develop your cute monsters. Explore the huge world of Erden which includes more than six different areas to explore. Find out about different creatures and explore several interesting locations while exploring the land of Evertale. Experience stunning scenery as you discover new fascinating missions everywhere you explore.

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Give your team the best equipment and items

If you're one of those who are curious, players playing Evertale are also able to enjoy chance to collect various interesting equipment, items and weapons you can put for your characters and monsters. It is your choice to equip them with the most useful equipment pick the best weapons for your team and use the awesome items to increase your power.

Fight against your foes in thrilling turn-based battles

Additionally, to keep the game interesting, Android gamers will have the chance to participate in exciting battles based on turns, where you'll fight alongside your fellow players and monsters as you fight adversaries who are intimidating. Learn about the tactical elements of the game while you create the most effective teams, and challenge enemies using the correct strategies and strategies, and then on. Stay calm and cool to take down your adversaries with the correct actions each turn. You can take on multiple opponents in a thrilling turn-based fight with up to four players on each team.

Have fun playing the game with other gamers and friends online

For those who are interested, join with online gamers and other friends in Evertale as you embark on an thrilling online adventure with your gamers and friends. Experience the thrilling online PvP action as you team up with players from your personal Guilds. You can also compete against each other in fantastic PvP leagues. Alongside, with exciting weekly events, players can take part in weekly events online. You can collect limited unlockables and get new monsters or characters that are legendary on your team.

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You can play the game for no cost as well as a few fascinating mods

Furthermore that, even though the game is available as a paid version on Google Play Store as a paid version, you are able to download it to your smartphones without having to pay anything by downloading our modified game. In addition, you'll also be able to access the amazing name mods available for Chinese players, which will make your trip more enjoyable. You can download Evertale Mod APK on our website. Download Evertale Mod APK on our website Follow the directions and then install it on your device to begin playing the game.

Sound and visual quality


You will be completely captivated by the gorgeous and breathtaking realm of Evertale. Play with your heroes of the past and capture your cute monsters. Explore the many evolutions of monster designs. In addition, with its simple graphics this game is playable on the majority of Android devices that is a huge plus.

Music and Sound

In addition to powerful and powerful audio and immersive sound experiences Evertale provides Android gamers to be completely immersed in the thrilling in-game events and stories.

Download Evertale Mod latest 2.0.37 Android APK

If you're looking to play Pokemon Masters, then Evertale ought to be of the handful of Android games you'd find fascinating. With a deep gameplay, engaging stories, and plenty of creatures to collect you'll be engaged in this fantastic world.

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