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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
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When it comes to stories about myths, especially about creatures, people will probably associate dragons with fantasy stories that include negative issues about dragons, making many people feel apprehensive about the devastation they cause to the whole world. However, in Dragon City, you will find adorable and friendly dragons, even becoming players' companions in exciting adventures. In particular, when participating in this game, you will experience raising and taking care of dragons as a pet along with relaxing and entertaining gameplay. In addition, players will explore a whole new world and vast and endless space, and the barren landscape gives you the feeling of taking care of a mighty dragon. Dragon City also applies much outstanding gameplay in parallel with traditional small games, making the game more prosperous and diverse, especially attracting more participants.

MOD Info

  • One Hit


  • Make sure you give storage permission manually by going to setting > apps > dragon city > permissions then allow storage permission.
  • Turn ON mod when it is your turn, and then turn it back off when it is enemy turn. Otherwise enemy will also do one hit.

Enjoy the relaxing dragon nurturing game

Dragon City provides players with different content to explore and experience thanks to a unique combination of many other elements while creating extremely outstanding and exciting gameplay. The player's task is effortless, build a paradise so that all dragons can live together and develop, especially take care and train it to become the strongest dragons. In addition, the game also builds a simple interface so that players can easily access it. Images with an amiable design and outstanding effects and graphics make it easy for gamers to enjoy dragons becoming more prominent and beautiful with bright colours, creating funny and unique dragon shapes. What is more, when you participate in Dragon City, you will experience many interesting and exciting activities, for example, PvP, campaign, and world exploration, where players can join their dragons to participate in the game and participate in recreational activities that you enjoy. At the same time, the game will also provide many valuable features for players to use, such as an attractive idle feature, which helps players save time raising dragons by doing everything shown automatically.


Attractive features

Reach the ultimate level of dragon evolution

Similar to other species, dragons will also go through three stages of development and evolution. Hence, players need to take care of them to develop by feeding them continuously. When fed big enough, dragons will grow to have a different, bunker, and more stunning appearance, especially those high-class dragons that are considered the evolution of dragons. Not only their beautiful appearance but also their strength is significantly increased, they learn new skills, making the game extremely attractive. In addition, to make the dragon city more prosperous, many dragons will use buffs in specific places. In particular, your dragons will be able to fight, waiting for the dragons to mature and complete the evolution stages so that they can set their extraordinary skills. When the dragons have completed the evolutionary stages, the dragons can join the player in other exciting activities.


Paradise of new dragons

Coming to Dragon City, you will discover many different dragon species and have the opportunity to collect them, and players can use the book collections to mark their milestones. When participating in the game, players will be provided with missions. Players can collect uncles to unlock new dragons from the shop, especially players who create New variations through special features. Note, if the player wants to hatch a dragon, it can only be done when the two dragons are mature, different, or the same dragon species. Only they can create the perfect dragons according to their preferences. In addition, after successful hatching, the dragons will inherit the unique characteristics of the mother dragon. It is this dragon hatching that will make the game rich and diverse in dragon species.


Build a beautiful and epic dragon city

Coming to Dragon City, you will have the opportunity to build a city for dragons to your liking; here, you can design and build the necessary facilities for dragons. Players can create a city for dragons, a flying island dedicated to their dragons, and can even expand unlimited space to ensure a large number of dragons live together or can build more facilities to meet the needs of dragons. Furthermore, each dragon will have different characteristics and a completely separate living environment, so players need to develop many different settings to suit each dragon species. Surprisingly, the game will bring many exciting features for players to choose to build a monumental city.


The Battle of the Mightiest Dragons in the World

The combat mechanism is flexible and extremely attractive, and the perfect strategies that players implement over time can admire the magic of dragons. Dragon City will have a detailed elemental system for players to use and promote in each match, especially since each dragon has its element. Players are also provided with unique game modes to accompany and support them in challenging battles. In addition, players need to collect fragments to unlock new dragons and receive valuable rewards of the generous and rare modes when completing missions.


Explore and visit your friends dragon city

If you love keeping pets, are interested in dragons, then come to Dragon City right away; you will have an exciting experience along with building a giant city to take care of dragons. What is more, you can also visit your friends' cities, especially invite your friends to join you through online play, so that you can go with them through dragon cities, even play games, pranks, stealing to relax with them, all of this should make Dragon City enjoyable.
Moreover, you will observe the formation and development of dragons, and rarely can any game do this. You can even create many dragons through hatching and unlocking dragons to join you to participate in big battles, which helps your dragon city grow and expand more and more and can also create a population for dragons.
What are you waiting for without enjoying the exciting things only at Dragon City!
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