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UpdatedOct 15, 2021 (4 days ago)
DeveloperCritical Force Ltd.
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Are you interested in playing competitive Online FPS games with your buddies versus others from all around the world? However, the beneficial in-app purchases have been a significant issue for you, and you're still hunting for that great shooter with balanced gameplay?


Worry no longer because Critical Ops allows gamers to engage in enjoyable and engaging gameplay that won't break the bank. Furthermore, you can compete against serious players who possess personal and tactical abilities and would be worthy opponents.


With our in-depth reviews, you will learn more about the fantastic game Critical Ops.




MOD Info

  • Mod Menu
  • Radar: Show enemies on the minimap
  • Use Split APKs Installer (SAI) to install the .zip (apks) file


What is this game about?

Choose your side in the classic battle between good and evil. Play as either terrorists or counter-terrorists and engage in spectacular gunfights. Play your favorite shooting game on a variety of maps, each with its unique layout. Make use of the large weapon arsenals and utilize your great techniques to defeat your opponent.





Gamers will be introduced to an entirely new shooter with Critical Ops, in which they will have a diversity of options both within and outside of matches. Here's where you can learn more about the fantastic features:


Wholly balanced and skill-based gameplay

Critical Ops is an excellent game to try if you're looking for a competitive online shooter. Critical Ops players won't have to worry about being overrun by the "rich kids" in this game because no in-app purchases give players competitive benefits.


Instead of money, everything here is determined by your personal and tactical abilities. As a result, you may enjoy the game without concerning about running out of money. However, if you want to make your characters look more fashionable, it wouldn't hurt to invest in a new costume for them.




Join millions of gamers online

The trouble about mobile internet games is that they tend to have more minor players than most PC shooter games. On the other hand, Critical Ops introduces you to a vast community with over 50 million registered players and over 1 million daily active players.


You'll get the opportunity to compete against some top shooter pro players and enjoy the fantastic gameplay. And if you get stuck along the road, there's always a large community ready to assist you.


Join your friends and enjoy the game together

The best part about Critical Ops is that it supports co-op online gameplay, so you can quickly team up with your friends and play the game together. Furthermore, because of the significant community, users can easily socialize with one another. You can form or join a clan, battle other clans, and grow your clan's reputation.




Intensive and exciting shooter gameplay

Furthermore, with Critical Ops, gamers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in intense and exhilarating shooter gameplay. To lead your team to victory, make use of both your skills and tactical understanding.


Customize your characters to your heart's content

And if you want to conduct some grooming and style on your characters, you have many choices. You can modify your outfits to make yourself appear more complete. Make your characters more badass by customizing their weapons and inventory. Most significantly, you don't have to spend money on everything because you can earn customizable things by completing tasks and objectives.


Get into professional gaming with Critical Ops

As the game grows in popularity, more people are beginning to take it seriously. In fact, by participating in Critical Ops events, you can even become a professional E-sport gamer. Compete against millions of other people to be one of the chosen few. You can play single matches or get renowned by using the names of your teams.


Various maps with various configurations

To add to the game's appeal, the authors have included many distinct maps with various configurations. There will be different approaches to the matches depending on the map. As a result, you'll be able to use a variety of strategies.


Weapons of all kinds

With only a handgun, you can't play a shooter game. On the other hand, Critical Ops introduces players to a variety of weapons that they can utilize. Both melee and ranged weapons are included. Each one is distinct from the others and has a varied price, allowing you to select the ones that best fit your needs.




Easy to use controls with customizable options

The control method in Critical Ops is convenient for inexperienced gamers, with accurate touch commands and intuitive gestures. You can also tweak the buttons and gestures to fit your playing style better.


Enjoy the game with a variety of game modes

Here you'll find a list of all the fascinating game modes available in Critical Ops: The Line.


  • Defusing the bomb — two different teams will compete against each other for two opposing goals. It's your mission as a terrorist to plant the bomb and keep it safe from the cops. And if you're on the anti-terrorist side, you must do everything you can to prevent the detonation.
  • Deathmatch - For those looking for more epic and thrilling confrontations, the Deathmatch is where you may put your talents to the test against your opponents. Spend your resources appropriately to take out the adversaries as the two of you compete in timed combat. Your opponents will try to do the same, so make sure you take advantage of the situation.
  • Gun game - if you're a gun enthusiast who wants to try out all of the numerous firearms available, this is a fantastic game mode to play. The Gun game requires you and your squad to compete against other teams in a head-to-head battle. Each player can climb the ranks by focusing on a specific sort of weapon.
  • Quick games - If you're looking for a swift and relaxing game, try the Quick games, where you'll be immediately paired with online gamers from all around the world. Furthermore, you'll be paired with online players of the same skill level and experience as you, thanks to sophisticated AI. As a result, it would be a thrilling matchup.
  • Ranked games – For those who prefer heated combats against the best of the best, ranked matches are for you. The Ranked games are where you should go. As you acquire more incredible prizes, you will move up the ranks.
  • Custom games – Last but not least, Critical Ops allows players to build or join unique games that they can play with their friends or online opponents on their terms.




It's completely free to play

The game is currently available for free download and installation for Android smartphones. Go to the Google Play Store right now to get it.


Graphics and audio quality



Critical Ops is a terrific game for anyone looking for an authentic FPS experience, with next-gen graphics that include realistic and intricate components. Furthermore, the creators have done an excellent job of maintaining a fluid 60 frames per second on most devices. This results in far more intuitive and enjoyable game experiences.



You become sucked into the universe of Critical Ops because of the voiced dialogues. Furthermore, authentic and accurate sound effects give each move a more genuine sensation.


Final thoughts

It would be a pity if you didn't already have this game installed on your devices. If you're looking for an authentic FPS experience, download and play the game right now from our website.

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