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Digital documents are now the norm for nearly all aspects of work you're involved in. Therefore, more and more people are seeking to increase their productivity by converting all their ordinary documents into digital filesthat you are able to access anywhere and at any time, through the Internet as well as any other supported device.

In this case, it's essential to effortlessly and quickly convert all physical documents into digital copies, so that you can transfer these crucial files to other people. In order to cut down your work to a minimum You can now use this amazing application from INTSIG It makes it incredibly simple to digitize and share every document you have.

Learn more about its capabilities and functions by reading our detailed reviews.

What is it that they do?

In the CamScanner, Android users can make use of their mobile camera to transform this into a mobile document scanner. This makes it simple to convert any document into more convenient digital formats. This means that you can work without restriction on your digital files on laptops, mobile devices or desktop computers. Join groups with other users to work on your digital files through online drives, and transfer your work across multiple platforms.

The application can rapidly scan documents, without restrictions or requirements. It works with all photographs and documents placed before the camera. Smart scans immediately identify the documents and ensure that you get the proper boundaries. Also, you can utilize the intelligent OCR to extract text from images, making digital files easier to access.

Camscanner has now integrated in conjunction with AirPrint as well as Fax Documents that allow users to print documents you have scanned within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, all of documents are protected by passwords that you can edit should you want to share them among devices.


If you are curious, you can take advantage of the free application CamScanner available on Google Play Store There is there is no cost to purchase. You can use the many features available inside the application. Keep in mind that there are certain in-app purchases required to access the full-featured application.

Like many other Android applications, CamScanner will require Android users to grant it specific access rights. Be sure to take into consideration the requests that are prompted when you start the application to the first time, to allow the features. Also it is essential to have the Android devices running the most current firmware versions, which is required to make the app more compatible to your device.

Amazing features

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

Instantly digitize any document

For starters, Android uses who are already familiar with applications like Scanner App To PDF can quickly digitize documents with CamScanner. The only thing you'll need is to open the camera on your device using the app and turn on scanning options. CamScanner will quickly take the image, and use smart scans to instantly digitize your invoices, receipts, notes and business cards, certificates and many other types of images or documents. The files scanned can be converted to standard PDF format or by using JPG, TXT, Word, Excel, and many different file formats.

Superior scanner quality to produce crystal clear, sharp and crisp documents

In order to enhance the scanner's quality of scanning, CamScanner comes with latest auto enhancements, that let users immediately enhance the clarity and sharpness of documents that are captured from scans. Additionally Smart cropping lets users to create the right documents even when you have photos that are not taken properly. Also, the stunning colours and high-resolution ensure that your documents are easily accessible and completely transparent.

Automatically extract text from images

If you are interested, you can quickly extract text from any image, by using the latest OCR (optical character recognition) that comes from CamScanner. It is possible to convert any handwritten document to digital text files that allow for sharing and editing. This can be used with regular text articles, as well as sheets of documents that are easy to convert to TXT, Word, or Excel documents.

Share your documents easily online

If you want to share the documents you have scanned, CamScanner will quickly enable the sharing feature immediately that lets you quickly share the documents online. You can now easily transfer your documents to your acquaintances through platforms for social networking, apps to communicate or email. Just select the pdf or JPEG to have them instantly delivered to your contacts. In order to make things even more easy, you're permitted to upload multiple images as well as allow batch downloads using secure download links within CamScanner.

Make sure that documents shared with you are secured by passwords

In order to ensure that not all people have access to the shared documents, despite the links to download them You can make sure that you enable secure passwords for any document you want to protect. You are free to create any preferred passwords, but only reveal them to the intended recipients.

Print effortlessly using AirPrint and Fax documents

If documents and files require printing Users can connect them to AirPrint compatible devices that are nearby. CamScanner will automatically activate the printing process to ensure you get your documents promptly. It also works with the faxing machine, which is extremely useful when trying at sharing physical records.

Editing features that are useful to use

If you're one of those who want to edit your documents that you have scanned, CamScanner will provide many advanced editing options that you can work on immediately after scanning. Add annotations of all kinds using the entire collection edit tools. Modify or edit watermarks to customize your most important documents. Include E-signatures in important signing documents. You can also perform a variety of sophisticated editing functions at any time you'd like.

Search options that are easy to use for documents

In order to make the app easier to use, Android users can quickly look up a variety of documents stored on their devices. Additionally, you can apply certain tags to your files and make use of them to sort your documents. With the enabled OCR option, this application allows you to search for text on notes and images which makes it much easier to work with regardless of whether you want to scan your materials or not.

Sync your files across platforms

If you're one of those who are interested, you are now able to easily transfer your files between different platforms. By using this option, Android customers can work using CamScanner on their phones and tablets as well as computers. View, edit and even upload your documents to different platforms for more efficient use.

Online collaborators are available for editing in real-time.

To allow people to collaborate and edit their documents scanned, CamScanner now featuring the advanced group editing feature that can accommodate up to 40 coworkers simultaneously. The added 10G cloud storage ensures the user has enough space for all your scanned files.

Get the free and unlocked app available on our website.

Last and not least, for those fascinated by the fantastic mobile application You can now make it accessible on smartphone without paying for ads or in-app purchases. All you have to do is install CamScanner Mod APK from our website. App CamScanner Mod on our site and follow the instructions and you'll get it installed and ready to work with.

Final decisions

With the help of scanning tools, Android users can immediately enhance their work processes by uploading important documents to the world of digital. This lets them digitize important receipts, contracts and invoices, as well as notes and many more in a matter of moments. All this is quickly done with your Android devices. This makes it simple to use the mobile app.

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