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VIP/Free Shopping/Unlocked All

UpdatedOct 21, 2021 (6 days ago)
DeveloperBudge Studios
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Barbie doll is no longer a strange character for all of us. It is a toy loved and adored by billions of children around the world. It is a warm, beautiful feeling that makes anyone who sees it feel excited. The Barbie doll is a toy, but it was so hot that it was released into a movie, and now the game about Barbie dolls has also appeared. This excellent game is called Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, and now you can see, carry, and touch your adorable barbie dolls wherever you are. The attractiveness and cuteness of the doll are further clarified through this version of the game. Indeed every player will feel enthralled and highly excited.
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MOD Info

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Free Shopping
  • Drawing is available
  • Decoration is available
  • Lots of ingredients

A magical and fascinating world

Barbie's magical world has never let us down with its infinity, and there are always exciting games and events to entertain the players involved. From time immemorial, the Barbie character has been considered a lovely symbol of babies. Therefore, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures has been darkened with all the most enjoyable, light, and shimmering character elements and scenarios to bring the most impressive role-playing gameplay for babies. Players will own the cutest Barbie doll ever and can do everything in this game. Young children can freely use the provided plastic toys and freely mix them. This is great for the creativity of young children when playing with Barbie dolls. So players feel free to build everything they love in this game.


Attractive features

Build a dream house

You will not imagine what you will own at Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a massive mansion with a variety of exciting and new things. An open-world is revealed, and you will begin the process of building your dream home. In each room in this game, you can design with a distinct style, creating a house with various colours and designs. You will be guided to play when you start participating in this game, and children will be free to develop all their favourite things, while parents can also accompany and support the design process. Various very familiar items in life are beautifully designed in this game, such as furniture, cabinets, beds, tables and chairs, costumes, and more. Your imagination will never be limited because there are many different models, and players have the right to choose them whenever you like.


Barbies bold outfits and fashions

For the followers of Barbies, fashion is a significant factor because this is a decisive factor for the unique style of Barbies. That's why Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures has invested heavily in fashion for Barbies. With much engaging content by highly diverse and unique costumes, with a series of famous fashion models worldwide. With a variety of different looks of Barbies, players can choose the right outfit for each person. Also, you can attach a variety of jewellery and accessories to make your Barbies more trendy than ever. Let's start discovering and matching Barbies with unique outfits.


Organize many spectacular and exciting parties

The world in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures will be highly realistic when players can make friends, exchange, and get to know each other at splendid parties. This is considered an exciting feature in this game because this will be an element that makes the life of Barbies more enjoyable than ever. In particular, players can freely design party content according to their preferences, such as outdoor parties, swimming pools, indoor parties, evening parties, and even masquerade parties. An exciting schedule will be created, and you can add or subtract items to your parties. The Barbies will experience a series of exciting and attractive mini-games. The open world in this game always allows players to be creative so that children can open countless more great parties like that.


Take part in a fun cooking activity

The life of the Barbies will be more realistic when they have to cook the most delicious and attractive dishes every day. With a series of mini-games in this game, players will freely participate in activities and create the most beautiful dishes. In particular, you can also be exposed to various unique and different culinary styles because you are free to process ingredients according to your preferences. If you create a beautiful cake, you can take souvenir photos and share them with the player community so they can see your finished product.


Enjoy exciting events with friends

Coming to Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, you will never be afraid of being alone because you can freely interact with a series of your friends by inviting them to participate in activities in your villa. These exciting activities are organized so that everyone can participate in the exchange and admire the beauty of your estate. These events bring the best sources of feeling to the players. The world of Barbies is more lively and fantastic than ever when there are so many activities that you can participate in.
This game constantly stimulates the creativity and flexibility of players to build the most beautiful Barbie doll world. With the cuteness and beauty of Barbies, players can freely explore this exciting role-playing world in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.
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